Jacqueline, UK

Stem Cell Treatment
August 2016

I have improved dramatically. I felt an immediate improvement when I first had the procedure but this could have been because fluid was injected into the knee. I did suffer with a foot problem for the first 8 weeks post procedure but this was nothing to do with the stem cell therapy.  When I recovered from this I was amazed at the improvement in my knees.  My left knee (which was grade 2 osteoarthritis) is still a little swollen but negligible pain and stiffness.  My right knee (which was grade 3) is so much better – less swelling, stiffness and pain (I just have to support it with a pillow at night and have a little pain at the back of it).  This knee does not collapse on me any  more and I can go to the cinema and get up and leave at the end without limping all the way out – in fact I do not limp when walking.  I can now do my gardening and play with my 5 year old grandson and walk without worry.  The lower parts of my legs now feel as if they belong to me whereas before they felt numb.  I’m so glad I chose to have this therapy – I have got my life back.