Kristine, 79

Stem Cell Treatment
February 2015

osteoarthritis grade 3 both knees and grade 2 both hips
Describes her experience with cell therapy after 3 years:

"Approximately two months after the application of my own cells I could take a trip to the sea. Before the procedure I could barely walk! I could walk only when I took painkiller pills. Sometimes they upset my stomach, sometimes I get bruising after these painkillers. Application of stem cells helped me a lot, I can walk after three years, I can work in my garden and do almost all my daily activities. I am very happy and satisfied with the result. Main reason for this treatment was because I did not want let the other doctors put a knife on myself or to cut on me. This cell therapy procedure was painless. Before the application I could just pulled my leg behind me. Nowadays, I can walk normally and also I can handle the stairs going upstairs or downstairs without any troubles."