Ludmila, 62

Stem Cell Treatment
January 2015

Arthritis grade 2-3 in both hips

11 months after cell therapy reports:

"I was suffering from the hip and lower back pain mainly at nights, when I could not lie on the side for a long time, more than a year. Then, the pain of my knees and sacral area came in. This pain was growing to unbearable situation. I could not sleep at all and common painkiller pills and local painkiller gels did not work at all. For those reasons I visited my general practitioner who referred me to an orthopedist. This orthopedist diagnosed hip osteoarthritis on both sides and prescribed even stronger pills that makes me sick and dizzy so I was not able to take them at a prescribed doses. Based on his words, my only chance was the hip replacement surgery with artificial joints. I did not want to be disqualifies from normal life because of the complicated and extensive surgery and that is why I start searching for another options. I discovered a new method on the internet – using my own stem cells from fat. I decided to undergo this procedure despite my orthopedist and a friend of mine tried to pull me out of this procedure, saying it will not work since it is not so commonly used yet. The cell therapy procedure took just one morning. It was performed on both hips and did not cause me any troubles or complications. After this single application to both hip joints, all my problems had disappeared within few weeks. I was able to get back to work after only 2 weeks. I can walk well without pain or limping, I can sleep well at night without waking up at pain. My back pain also disappeared. The only change I had to make was the change of orthopedist. Now I am visiting that one who performed the cell therapy procedure to me. From my perspective, being so active now after almost a year from the procedure, I really do not regret the investment to my health. I can fully recommend this new method of treatment of joint problems."