Mary, 72

Stem Cell Treatment
February 2015

Osteoarthritis grade 3 on right knee and grade 2 on left knee
30 months after cell therapy describes:

"I like to work in my garden but for the last 2 years I was limited by a lot of pain in my knees. Right knee was more painful then left knee and it was difficult to even walk to the garden and back home. I was on painkillers almost constantly, walking only with a support of sticks. Without taking these pills I would wake at night with a lot of pain. I heard from a friend of mine about complications she had previously with her hip joint replacement and she said that she almost died because of thromboembolism that she was hospitalized for. At that time my daughter found a doctor describing great results of cell therapy for joint pain and arthritis with patient´s own cells obtained from fat. I decided fast and received that treatment within a week. Two weeks after the application of stem cells it started getting better. It improved more and more, slowly but constantly and after one year I was able to walk without my walking sticks that I had to use before. It is great that even after two and half years I can walk normally, I can go upstairs or downstairs. I do not need any painkillers any more. I am very happy. My personal life is much better now, I can even go dancing with my husband."