Paul, UK

Stem Cell Treatment
May 2018

You have undergone stem cells treatment in February 2018.


update June 2018

I feel as if the treatment is beginning to work, I am not in any pain from my joints, I can do more things with my shoulder, my knee swells up when walking a lot still, I would say I have about 30% improvement at the moment, hopefully there will be more improvement over the next 3 months.

I am living in hope and thanks again to you all for your help, much appreciated.



First review:

I underwent stem cell treatment on one knee and one shoulder which went very well, time will tell how well, I will leave how successful it went in a few months’ time on the cellthera clinic site. I would just like to say how helpful the Medical Travel Czech team was Hana took good care of us, organising everything from start to finish . I stayed in Prague and was driven to the cellthera clinic 2 hours away by a very happy Martina who stayed with us until after my procedure then drove us back to the hotel, so yes I would give them 10/10 and would highly recommend them.