Roman, 39

Stem Cell Treatment
April 2015

Arthritis grade 3 in left knee
7 months after cell therapy reports:

"I was suffering from the left knee joint stiffness and pain every morning before the stem cells therapy. Due to severe pain, I was not able to cary my little baby. Taking the baby upstairs or downstairs was impossible. I visited gym in order to gradually increase muscle strenght around the painful knee, but pain was unbearable so I had to quit. The pain started even after minimal burden or when the weather changed. The knee was also painful even at walk. The running was impossible. After the stem cells application the stiffness of the joint disappeared completely. Although there is still a minimum pain when I exercise too much. I was able to run my mountain bike to the top of Praded Mountain (elevation 1492 m above the sea level) in Northern Moravia region. Walk is completely painless for me now. Nowadays I can do jogging for about 1km with no pain. I am constantly improving thanks to my own stem cells. "