Sebastien, 43

Stem Cell Treatment
March 2015

Sport injury and osteoarthrisis grade 2 both knees
Describes after 10 months:

"I had a bad injury of right knee by playing tennis. My cross ligament was ripped off and the cartilage was injured. I have learned about cell therapy on the internet and discussed that with my doctor. Also my family supported me in that decision. The intervention and cell administration is not painful. 4 months after the application I did not feel any pain. I have no limitations in any movements, I am able to go upstairs and downstairs and I do several sports including tennis, bicycling, hiking, skiing. I can fully recommend the application of stem cells in case they are needed for healing. I consider the investment into my own health as the best one. If I have to undergo this again, I certainly go for it without any hesitation."