Thomas, 50

Stem Cell Treatment
January 2015

Arthritis grade 3 in right knee, arthritis grade 1 in both left knee and right hip
3 years after cell therapy reports:

"For many years I had a problem with my right knee. I am an active tennis player as well doing other sports including skiing and skating. I underwent multiple injections of platelet-rich-plasma into my right knee but it worked only for about 3-4 months. When I played tennis, it was always painful and I was not able to concentrate on the game as I would wish for. Probably, I was trying to save the right knee and thus I got a lot pain also in my left knee and right hip. I started to limp because of that. The knee pain as well as right hip pain was present all the time, also at night when I woke up quite often. I was fortunate to consult an orthopedic surgeon who was telling me about this new treatment strategy using my own stem cells and other regenerative cells from my adipose tissue. I did not hesitate and within a week I was scheduled for the procedure in all three joints at the same time. After the application of stem cells I started to play tennis again, now it is possible for me to play all day long for both days on the weekends. The right knee, where the cartilage was really weakened, is much better, I can feel it only when I go for a long jogging. Otherwise, I can sleep at night very well, no pain at all. The hip is perfect and the left knee too."