Vaclav, 66

Stem Cell Treatment
January 2015

After 3 surgeries of the right knee
15 months after cell therapy describes:

"Before cell therapy, I underwent three surgeries of the right knee. 25 years ago that was the broken meniscus after a sport injury, then my cracked meniscus was removed and most recently I had a surgery on one of my knee ligaments performed with the follow-up arthroscopy which should lead to improvement of the original range of movement of the right knee joint. The mobility of the knee was not better even after a year of rehabilitation and physiotherapy care and I was facing a „short leg“ syndrome combined with limping due to the pain of the right knee joint. My hip joints, mainly the left hip joint, started to become painful, probably because of my tendency to protect the right knee. I had to take a lot of painkillers for many years when the pain was too severe. After 12 years from the last surgery I underwent the implantation of stem cells extracted from my adipose tissue into the knee joint. I did not feel any improvement for about 4 weeks, then it started to be better and better and 8 weeks after the procedure a huge improvement appeared. My right knee was without any pain and gradually I was able to stretch the leg completely which I was not able to do so for many years. Convulsions and stiffness of the joint have disappeared too. Now, 15 months after the cell therapy I am completely healthy, just at extreme exercise I feel some pain, so I have to be careful not to overload my joints."