Vera, 69

Stem Cell Treatment
April 2015

Osteoarthritis grade 3 left hip and grade 2 right hip
Describes her status after 2 years from cell therapy:

"My left hip was very painful, I was on painkillers for more than 2 years and my only alternative was the artificial hip joint surgery. This surgery I did not want to undergo, because I knew about possible risks and complications. I decided for much safer approach – my stem cells. Taking the fat from the belly is not painful, although before that procedure, I was afraid a bit. After cell application, the improvement appeared almost immediately and after 4 months I was almost without any pain. The results were even better in 1 year after the cell therapy. I did not have any pain, so I could also work on my garden. I walk much better, I do not have a problem with getting off the car or do longer walks. The important thing is, I believe, to follow the instructions of your doctor who is really experienced in cell therapy. At first I underwent the intervention with the left hip and after 6 months I went with the right hip. Now I am considering to undergo this procedure also with my knees. I am 100 % satisfied with this cell therapy."