Catherine, USA

Weight loss procedures
May 2019

I wanted to thank Hana as my liason between the clinic and myself, she is lovely and very fast to respond to my queries. I traveled all the way from the USA and was a little timid to have surgery in the Czech Republic, but it was better care than I have received in the US. I just wanted to thank everyone at the clinic for their professionalism and patience with the language barrier, although most spoke fluent english, we managed with scharades if we needed to and it was just fine. I am so glad I went to Prague to get this done, not just the cost, but when I looked into it in the US they don't offer the same level of care. I was kept overnight and given IV fluids, pain and nausea medication and checked in on regularly. When I investigated it in the US they insert the balloon and then sent home same day. I truly cannot imagine the difference and I am so grateful for the care I recieved. Czech Republic YOU ARE ABOVE THE REST!!!! Extraordinary care provided.