Cristina, UK

Weight loss procedures
May 2019

Thank you, I am good, thanks. My stomach is quite painful at the moment, but otherwise I am fine. Tomorrow I will fly back to London. Thank you for arranging everything for me, everything was well organised!

I am very happy with the services you provided, as well as the clinic. 

It’s been a week since I have had the balloon inserted and I am well.  I did not feel nauseous and I didn’t vomit at all after insertion or later. However, I was in huge stomach pain for a while, but now it is getting better.

I do feel full much sooner, after small amounts of food, and the sensation lasts longer.  I don’t think I will be able to eat in a day more than about 600 - 700 calories, at most (for a while, at least). Today I will start going to the Gym again, for light exercise. 

I decided to weight myself once a week, so I will see on Sunday if I lost any weight, but my clothes feel looser (I’ve been dieting for a month,  before the balloon insertion, as well). I will leave you feedback in a few weeks time, after I will see how things are developing with the balloon.

I plan to come to Prague for adjustments of the balloon by the end of August \ beginning of September if needed, and I will get in contact closer to that time to arrange the appointment with the clinic.

As well, I have seen on your website that you could arrange a mid-face facelift, and I want to explore that for next time I will come to Prague, either for a consultation or to have the procedure done, after the balloon adjustment.

If you have any suggestions about a good plastic surgeon please let me know. Many thanks!