Deb, UK

Weight loss procedures
November 2018

When I decided to look into having a gastric balloon, I began by searching the internet.  I looked at the criteria and the cost in the UK.  Quickly dismissing this as an unviable option, I looked at what was available abroad. Medical Travel came up in the searches and everything was simple from there.  The website is clear and gives a good indication of the procedures available and their approximate cost.  It was good to be able to decide on affordability before having to contact the company.

Following my initial expression of interest, I was contacted by Jessica.  Jessica literally took care of everything.  This wasn't easy for her because I had decided to have two procedures while in Prague.  She was able to negotiate dates and prices and work out, with the doctors, the safest and most convenient times to have each procedure during my time-frame.

Jessica kept in touch with me regularly to ensure that she was meeting my needs and that everything was on track.  Nearer the time to travel, she again ensured that we were in contact and that I had all of the information necessary to put my mind at ease.

It was necessary to travel alone and this is where I appreciated Jessica the most.  Picking me up to take me to the clinics and explaining carefully what would happen and being with me while all of the pre-operative tests and examinations took place was simply amazing.  I would have, undoubtedly, felt afraid without her being with me.  Also knowing that I could contact her at any time, put my mind at rest. Jessica checked in with me when I arrived in Prague; following my first procedure; following my second procedure and again on my return home.  This made me feel very safe and looked after.  I know that this is Jessica's job, but I felt genuinely cared about.

While at the Forme Clinic, I mentioned that I'd also be interested in a facelift.  Jessica was able to negotiate a consultation with the surgeon while I was undergoing my other pre-op tests.  I look forward to seeing Jessica again in five or six months time when I return to have my balloon out and my facelift.  She is a superstar.