John, UK

Weight loss procedures
February 2018

The services provided by medical travel Czech was perfect. The hotel was nice, the pick up from the airport was fast and efficient as was the trip to the hospital. 

Communication is fast efficient and accurate. The standard of English is good and is certainly way much better than my Czech! But some slight confusion steps in at times but were very quickly resolved. At the hospital a few things that would have helped, tv that had at least one English speaking channel. The staff at the hospital were great, Milan especially so.the medical staff were really nice and explained it all very well. 

The only things on exit that would have been nice would have been instructions in writing for the medication and a taxi back to the airport included in the price even if this was added to the price.  

Payment, It wasn’t clear that paying by card was in Czech Krouna which wasn’t a major problem but I would have rather pay the whole lot in either Krouna or Euros so I could keep a tally on cost. This is just a personal thing and certainly didn’t detract from the service. 

All in all it was a great experience l, I would recommend your service to other without hesitation and if the weight loss continues at this rate will be a much thinner me look forward to seeing you in about a years time.