Paula, UK

Weight loss procedures
September 2013

As you know other a month has transpired since my surgery and I have lost a little over two stone so far. I hope the success continues, I have felt extremely well and not suffered any problems with the initial dietary requirements.

The overall experience was to be fair as I imagined as I had spent a long time nearly a year organising my trip, it was important to ensure my home life was covered thus allowing me to focus only on the trip, I admit I was worried but Jana and yourself have always been there to answer any questions I had.

For the record I would recommend that patients are met by your company as this elevates any anxieties felt, my only disappointing experience is the waiting time from arriving at the hospital 07:30 in the morning up until being seen which was about 10 ish, in a uncomfortable waiting room with no information on why the delay and what exactly you was waiting for. However, once the process of seeing the doctors and nurses began it all happened very quickly once accepted and then being on the ward taken down for surgery.

Despite the occasional language barrier which could be a problem, the nurses post operation were extremely helpful and caring.

My thanks again to Jana and you.