Sayanti, Germany

Weight loss procedures
June 2020

I have been in contact with Hana from medical travels on and off since February. She has never been pushy or judgemental. She is always patient and kind and thoughtful. She even helped me navigate my procedure inspite of the Corona situation.

She knows exactly how to reassure you. She was there for me till I checked in to my room. And the follow-up after the surgery was also regular.

The clinic and the nurses were great! Everyone spoke English and were really friendly and helpful. There was a long wait before the procedure but otherwise everything was good. I was explained the process in very good details. The only thing that was a bit unnerving was that I was awake for the procedure and could feel most of the things. After the surgery, it felt okay, but then came the vomiting and nausea. The clinic staff were very attentive and helpful. I was given additional medicine to prevent nausea during travelling. The information was thorough and was delivered in a kind and helpful way.

I highly recommend it. I already have recommended this agency in the gastric balloon support group on Facebook and would continue to do so.