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References Elisabetta, Norway, Egg donation - July 2016
My name i Elisabetta. I am Italian and I live in Norway With my husband Christian who is Norwegian. They say the third time is a charm. It certainly was for me and my husband since I got pregnan...


4 800 EUR / 3 650 GBP




Brand new clinic with latest technologies (EmbryoScope, IMSI, PICSI) oriented exclusively for foreign patients.

Fluent English-speaking doctor and embryologist with international experience and skills in using the most modern technology.

63% of clinical pregnancies confirmed in 2014 and we offer you the 3rd shared cycle for FREE.

Stay only 3 days in Prague – individual treatment plans tailored for your needs.

Unbeatable guarantees including a minimum of 6 healthy eggs harvested and 2 superb quality embryos ready for transfer.

Our database consists of young, extensively screened and healthy donors who will match your characteristics.

We can search our donor database and find a tentative match for you within 24 hours of your inquiry.

You will receive all of your donors eggs, you don’t share.

We supply you with 24/7 assistance, free airport pick up and transfer to the clinic.




2 blastocyst stage embryos for 2 400 EUR / 1 850 GBP

(including Frozen embryo transfer, IMSI, Embryoscope and medicaments




We require medical report from your doctor to see why you cannot carry and deliver child. You need to find your own surrogate mother and she needs to undergo pre-treatment tests required for egg donation treatment. We will use your own eggs and your partner sperm or donated sperm (your partner needs to agree with using sperm donor).

Surrogacy program costs 1 500 EUR + cost of IVF treatment (1 990 EUR + medicaments)


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The GYNEM Fertility Clinic is situated in Prague and specializes in helping patients with fertility problems from abroad.

See more information about our clinic here >>


GYNEM nurses



Our clinic, GYNEM has established and applies a Quality Management System for providing special medical care in the field of reproductive medicine and gynecology.


To see ISO 9001:2009 and TUV CERTIFICATE please click on TUV logo



Our doctors follow the European standard of care and operational standards. The head physician of GYNEM Fertility Clinic is Dr. Milan Mrazek, PhD, who is the former president of the Czech Association for assisted reproduction and will provide the highest quality of medical care. He has more than 17 years of experience in assisted reproduction and 33 years in obstetrics and gynecology.

Milan Mrazek - GYNEM Fertility Clinic           Tomas Rieger - GYNEM Fertility Clinic

Dr. Milan Mrázek, PhD., MBA & Dr. Tomáš Rieger

Head physician & Head Embryologist

more than 33 years of experience - thousands of satisfied patients




Extensively screened, young and healthy donors
Sole match cycles – one donor for one recipient
Short waiting time for finding the right donor (1 – 3 months)
Gender selection is not allowed 



Is the third most peaceful country in Europe
Saves you up to 50% on your medical costs
Prague thrives on tourism and offers a wide range of free time activities
Well known for its affordable and high quality medical services
Egg Donation in the Czech Republic is legal and safe



Fantastic success rate with over 63% of clinical pregnancies
No health risks outside of usual pregnancy ones
FREE services from our agency 

(Online consultation, 24/7 assistance, airport pick up, meeting with our representative, personal guide, hotel and flights bookings)


Jana, Richard and Martina


CALL +44 2032 868 822




EGG DONATION PROGRAM                4 800 EUR / 3 650 GBP

This price includes:

Airport pick up, initial consultation, first transfer to the clinic with our representative

Monitoring and consultations with doctors 

Stimulation medications for the recipient until the pregnancy test

Selection, testing, compensation and drugs for donor 

- Compulsory pre-treatment tests

Infectious diseases testing for man (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)

Sperm collection, sperm analysis (spermiogram) and sperm freezing for 1 year

Ultrasound examinations during treatment 

- Fertilization via the ICSI method

Prolonged cultivation of embryos to blastocyst stage

Transfer of 1 - 2 fresh embryos


Next attempt with frozen unused embryos (FET - Frozen embryo transfer) costs only 700 EUR.


Optional costs for you:

- Cryopreservation of embryos (slow speed freezing) 300 EUR

- Vitrification of embryos (high speed freezing) 400 EUR - recommended

- IMSI 400 EUR - recommended

- EmbryoScope 500 EUR - recommended




- Selection of a suitable donor for the recipient according to requirements (height, weight, colour of eyes, colour of hair, blood type).

- We guarantee 6 harvested eggs and 2 healthy embryos for transfer if the sperm quality is good.

- If donor does not produce enough eggs, we will provide you with a new donor for no extra charge.

- If your 1st and 2nd cycle is not successful (you are not pregnant) you will get the 3rd shared cycle for free (you need to use all frozen embryos) if the sperm quality is good.



First Visit at the GYNEM clinic in Prague, Czech Republic

It is preferable that all required pre-treatment tests for you and your partner (please see the list below) are completed back home and results sent to us via email. It is also possible to undergo them as part of the initial consultation here the the GYNEM clinic. You will see our facilities first hand and personally meet Dr. Milan Mrazek, your doctor, who will lead you through the initial consultation and will look after you throughout the whole egg donation treatment process. We can generally offer an initial consultation within a week, and for your convenience we offer these appointments from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM. It is possible to fly here and back on the same day.

Consultation with the doctor, pre-treatment tests and sperm freezing can be done during the first visit. The price of the initial consultation is 150 EUR, which will be returned to you once you decide to go ahead with the egg donation programme at our clinic.


First Visit via Skype & Email

If for personal or work reasons you cannot travel to Prague for an initial consultation, this is a convenient option. The first step is to undergo required pre-treatment tests (please see the list below) back home and send us results. After the clinical evaluation we will design your individual egg donation program taking into consideration your personal preferences. The consultation is the same as above except that it will be done via Email or Skype. Online consultation is free of charge.


Second Visit at the GYNEM clinic in Prague, Czech Republic

Your next visit will be planned after our coordinator finds a suitable donor for you and you have agreed with the donor characteristics. We will send you medicaments via post and issue a stimulation protocol for you.

The stimulation of your ovaries starts on the 2nd day of your period. After approximately
9-10 days from the beginning of stimulation, you must visit your personal doctor to make an ultrasound scan to check that the uterus lining height is appropriate, or it is also possible to arrive in Prague and visit our clinic for ultrasound scan.

Around the 15th day of stimulation the egg retrieval of your donor will take place. On the same day, a sperm sample will be collected for fertilization (unless provided in the first visit or if donor sperm will be used). The cultivations of embryos lasts 3-5 days and it is possible to speak with the embryologist every day to know how many embryos there are and know what is happening.

Around the 20th day from the start of the stimulation the embryo is transferred. We currently transfer 1-2 embryos. The amount of transferred embryos will be discussed and decided with the patient, doctor and embryologist. Unused and healthy embryos can be frozen and used at a later time if the first attempt is not successful.

14 days after the embryo transfer you will take a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is positive, please continue taking prescribed medications until the 10th week of pregnancy. If the pregnancy test is negative immediately discontinue taking prescribed medicaments.


Duration of stay

Your total stay in Prague is approximately 3 days if you wish to use frozen sperm from your first visit and if you undergo an ultrasound scan on the 9-10th day of your stimulation back home and send us the results via email. You will arrive one day before the embryo transfer.

Your total stay in Prague is approximately 7 days if you undergo an ultrasound scan on the 10th day of your cycle back home and send us results via email. You will arrive one day before the egg retrieval (we need your partner's sperm).

Your total stay in Prague is approximately 10 days if you undergo the ultrasound scan on the 10th day of your cycle here at the clinic. You will arrive on the day of your ultrasound scan.

The male partner’s stay in Prague can be reduced to only one or two days.




This diagram describes the steps and time periods expected for egg donation treatment.



Donations in the Czech Republic are anonymous. We have a short waiting time for finding the right donor (1 – 3 months). Our egg donors are mostly composed of students of higher education. At our centre, all egg and sperm donors have to undergo blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases and genetic defects in order to provide safety for you and your offspring. You are able to choose the colour of the eyes, hair, body weight, height and blood type. Our program is based on the sole match principle, which means that one donor is assigned for each recipient and all eggs from your donor are available only to you.



Tests for woman:

·         blood group and Rh factor
          can be done at the clinic anytime, compulsory

·         Cervical cultures (smear tests of ureaplasma, mycoplasma and chlamydia)              can be done at the clinic when not having period, highly recommended

·         Phospholipids 
          can be done at the clinic anytime, recommended

·         Mammography for woman over 40 years old
          can be done in Prague anytime, recommended


Tests for man:

·         spermiogram and STD diseases (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)
          can be done at the clinic anytime, compulsory


We advise for you to undergo all of these recommended tests in your home country. We can provide all of the testing for you here in the Czech Republic and they take a few days to complete.

PAYMENT TERMS                                                         

A deposit of 1 800 EUR must be paid beforehand via bank transfer / credit card / cash once you have confirmed the treatment (covers the cost of the stimulation medication). The remaining sum must be paid prior to the date of the embryo-transfer or on the day of the transfer (we accept cash, credit cards, or a direct bank transfer into our account).


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