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GYNEM family-based clinic specializes in helping patients with fertility problems from abroad.

The clinic, which is located in the heart of Europe in Prague, the Czech Republic, focuses on helping foreigners seeking top quality fertility assistance at more affordable prices. Our experienced physicians have many years experience in the field of assisted reproduction. Dr. Milan Mrazek, PhD., our head physician, has more than 35 years of experience.

We have assisted thousands of patients, and understand how to help eliminate the stress caused by traveling to a foreign country for medical reasons. It is our top priority to make you feel at home and to assure you that our clinic offers you the best in medical assistance. Our multi-lingual staff will fluently help you to understand all information about your specific treatment, and we promise to do everything in our power to make your stay in Prague as comfortable as possible.



Our clinic, GYNEM has established and applies a Quality Management System for providing special medical care in the field of reproductive medicine and gynecology. To see ISO 9001:2016 and TUV CERTIFICATE please click on TUV logo.

The Centre is led by the Head Physician MUDr. Milan Mrazek, Ph.D. The IVF team, including the IVF laboratory workers, has been trained by the top world specialists. Thus, all the physicians working within the IVF program have the highest possible specialist qualifications, together with a number of specialized trainings and study visits abroad.

The IVF Centre provides a whole range of curative procedures, such as ICSI, PICSI, MESA/TESE, Embryo Scope, Vitrification, MACS sperm selection, IMSI, genetics, pre-implant diagnosing (PGD, PGS), cryo-conserving, vitrification etc. The Centre of Assisted Reproduction achieves its successes using many time-tested treatment methods.

A brand-new clinic, Gynem IVF, has been opened in September of 2013.

The satisfaction and happiness of our clients is very important to us.

Dr. Milan Mrazek, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Milan Mrázek, Ph.D., MBA

Head physician of GYNEM Fertility Clinic

Born in 1955, Dr. Milan Mrazek graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. At the beginning of his career he worked as a gynecologist at the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague.

Milan joined the Department of Gynaecology-Obstetrics as a professor in the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and in 1996 signed a contract with ISCARE IVF, firstly as a gynaecologist and then, after three years, as a head doctor.

During his career Dr.Milan Mrazek has also enjoyed an internship in Tokyo with a focus on prenatal diagnosis, vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.

He is member of the Czech Medical chamber, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and Committee of National Representatives of ESHRE. Milan is married and speaks fluent English.

IVF specialists

Dr. Lubos Vlcek

Dr. Luboš Vlček

IVF specialist

Born in 1983, Dr. Vlcek graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague in 2008.

Dr Vlcek passionately belives in good team work in an environment of greatly experienced and educated doctors and nurses. He has acquired impressive professional experiences by working at the best clinics, serving several long-term internships abroad as well as attending workshops and congresses.

He is a positive, communicative, reliable, responsible and punctual professional. His personal hobbies include cycling, outdoor sports, swimming, running and scuba diving. Dr. Vlcek speaks fluent English and German.



Since 2015        Gynem Fertility clinic, Prague

2013 – 2014       Institute for the Care of Mothers and Children in Prague

2012                    Sana Klinikum Hof, Bayern, Germany, led by Dr. Feist

2011 –2012        Doctor at HBK-Zwickau in Germany, led by Dr. Schnohr

2008 –2011       Gynecology and maternity clinic in Pardubice, led by Doc. Dr. Milan Košťál CSc.



2010 in Florence - ISGE Congress – gynaecology and endocrinology

2010 in Berlin - COGI – 13th World Congress on controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility



Placental site nodule in magazine Gynekolog, Chorioangiom (pathology of placenta), Comparison of pregnyl vs triptorelin for final oocytes maturation in the same egg donors-cycle and embryological characteristics - prospective trial

IVF specialists

Dr. Мaria Khutorskaya

Dr. Мaria Khutorskaya

IVF Specialist

Born in 1983, Dr. Khutorskaya graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Samara University in Russia. She received certificate of recognition at Charles University in Prague. She spent one year at University of Siena in Italy. In 2013 she received Certificate of attendance theoretical course at Kypros Nicolaides fetal medicine centre.

Dr. Khutorskaya is a positive, communicative and stress free professional. Her personal hobbies include traveling, literature and sport. Dr. Khutorskaya speaks fluent English, Russian and Italian.



Since 2015          Gynem Fertility clinic, Prague

2013 – 2014        Motol hospital, Department of assisted reproduction, Prague

2011 – 2013        Gynaecology and obstetrics in Most, Czech Republic

2007 – 2009        Assistant of Gynaecology and obstetrics in Faculty hospital, Togliatti, Russia

IVF specialists

Tomas Rieger

RNDr. Tomas Rieger

Head Embryologist at GYNEM fertility clinic

RNDr. Tomáš Rieger has operated in the field of embryology since 2009, working alongside and under some of the finest embryologists in the Czech Republic. A qualified biologist with a Master of Science (MSc) degree from Charles University of Prague, he is currently in the process of earning a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

RNDr. Rieger is a certified clinical embryologist through the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in London and has attained high proficiency in an extensive array of laboratory techniques, including intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo and oocyte vitrification, and laser application in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS).

Presently, RNDr. Rieger leads a team of four in the laboratory where, as lab head, he is responsible for ensuring practices are up to date and in keeping with state regulations. Amongst his personal interests are travelling, nature, cooking, tennis and golf. He understands German and speaks English fluently.

IVF specialists


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