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Czech Republic - Prague

The Czech Republic is ranked as the third most peaceful country in Europe and holds status of a "Very High Human Development" nation. In addition, it is also the healthiest country in the region. The Czech Republic is well known for its affordable and high quality medical treatment. Combination with such a magical capital city as Prague this country is an ideal choice for any medical tourist.


The country itself is situated in the centre of Europe, surrounded by wonderful scenery, known by excellent cuisine and the world’s best beer. That makes it a very pleasant place to stay and recover from any sort of medical treatment.

Prague as a capital city is one of the must see destinations in Europe combining a lively atmosphere with a rich history and breath-taking architecture. Since 1992 it has been listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. We are pleased to book a sightseeing tour for you that you can make your own opinion about Prague.

The most of Czech doctors studied at Charles University in Prague which was founded in 1348. Back in the 14th century it was the first university in Central Europe region and currently it is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The study demands enormous attention to practical training in combination with a broad theoretical knowledge. As a result the medical education in Prague is honored abroad as one of the top in the world.