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The intragastric or gastric balloon is a simple bariatric procedure in which a deflated silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach endoscopically, where it is then partially filled to increase in volume and occupy more space. This has the effect of limiting the amount of food the stomach can accommodate and, consequently, restricting caloric intake—which typically results in weight loss. Of course, the balloon is not left there permanently, but removed after a designated period of time. As such, there are two types: one designed to remain in the stomach for six months, the other for 12. We offer both, depending on your needs. Read on to learn more.

Gastric balloon

2 150 EUR
/ 1 830 GBP
Dream team of experienced surgeons
Dream team of experienced surgeons
Visible, natural and excellent results
Visible, natural and excellent results
No waiting list – you can start your treatment today
No waiting list – start your treatment today
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Highest level of discretion – very short stay in Prague
One-day stay in Prague
Gastric Balloon (6 months)
2 150 EUR
/ 1 830 GBP
Gastric Balloon Orbera365
2 990 EUR
/ 2 550 GBP

*Prices listed in euros (€) are fixed; those in pounds sterling (£) may vary according to exchange rate at time of procedure.

Price includes:

 fast and flexible assistance, pre-operative check-up,  1 night at the clinic, operation, anaesthesia, guarantee, post-operation care and a balloon removal after 6 or 12 months.

It is not possible to adjust the size of the Orbera balloon.


Our price does not include

accommodation in the hotel, airport pickup and flight ticket.


Duration of stay

1 night at the clinic + 1-2 days in Prague 



BMI index greater than 27


The Dietologist

"It's not about what you eat but why you eat!"

Free online 15-minute consultation with UK dietologist - Van Patel



Van is a Specialist Bariatric Dietitian and Founder of "The Dietologist" 

Van trained at the University of North London and completed her dietetic training at the Hammersmith Hospital, London in 1992. Since then Van has worked in a variety of settings in London and the Midlands.  Van’s special interests include Weight Management, Bariatric surgery, Food intolerances post Bariatric surgery and Health and Wellbeing through lifestyle and behaviour change.

She believes eating healthily is about finding a balance and enjoying food. Van follows the ‘80/20 rule’. This means 80% of the time she aims to eat and drink well, and then 20% she is more relaxed about food so she does not deprive herself of anything. Van is a huge fan of mindful eating when you take more time to eat, focus on your meal and really enjoy it.

Van enjoys following the client journey, empowering them to build a healthy relationship with food and help them transform both physically and mentally. Her mantra is “It’s not what you eat it’s about why you eat!”

She is passionate about self-development, fitness and health and a firm believer in a positive mindset. Van is a huge fan of Tony Robbins and ALL things positive. She has attended an “Unleash the Power Within” seminar and took part in a FIREWALK. Van empowers women on a daily basis through her consultations to help transform clients, enabling them to overcome their fears and break the cycle of negative self-talk!


Post-Procedure Customised Nutrition Programme

The benefits of the gastric balloon procedure will most readily be experienced when combined with a proper diet. The procedure, itself, can act as a kick-starter for your new healthy lifestyle, but it is imperative that you make permanent changes in your eating habits, if weight loss is to be maximised.

With this goal in mind, we are pleased to be able to offer you a customised nutrition programme, which includes recipes tailored to your personal tastes, Skype coaching sessions, and general advice on weight management. Incredible though it may sound, you’ll find that a healthy diet can actually be quite delicious.


The six-month programme costs 350 EUR / 300 GBP and includes:

- A personalised 14-day diet plan, with simple and tasty recipes to get you started on the right path

- Ten Skype sessions with our certified and experienced nutrition coach

- Tips and tricks on a healthy diet, cooking, and more


We know maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge, but, together, we can make it a piece of cake. Our coach will support you and help you find the most appropriate and efficient plan to lose body fat and keep fit. Get rid of those pounds forever!



We are proud to offer you services from the first non-government facility established in the Czech Republic. Our clinic offers a comprehensive approach to treating obesity utilizing a broad range of the best quality of medical methods available today. Our highly qualified staff, best-standard of equipment, and clean environment, including outstanding postoperative care and security is the basis of our service.

Take a virtual tour of the clinic HERE.

How does it work


We will ask you to fill in our medical questionnaire, as we need to be confident that there are no existing medical conditions which could affect you undergoing the procedure. Please fill in as much information as possible, and we will get back to you with an evaluation of your questionnaire by one of our doctors. 



Once an agreement has been made for the proposed dates, prices, and surgeon who will perform the procedure, the next step will be to pay the deposit to the clinic account. The deposit is a 100% booking guarantee of your date. If you do not show up for the surgery without providing us with a reason, we cannot return the deposit back. Of course in the event that you are ill or if an emergency prevents you from keeping your date and you are able to notify us in a timely manner, we are able to find new dates for you and use this deposit to secure a new date.

The outstanding balance must be paid on the day of the surgery (we accept cash, credit cards, or a direct bank transfer into clinic account).

Anna Jungwirthova

We place a special emphasis on the profile of every surgeon. Our company only endorses highly experienced doctors with international practice and positive references. All of our surgeons or their teams speak English fluently.


GASTRIC BALLOON (6 months) Orbera365, Medsil

Gastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon which is placed into the stomach. Balloon works as a filling inside the stomach creating lack of hunger and feeling of fullness which will help to decrease your food intake and lose weight without additional surgery. This completely reversible procedure is considered minimally invasive and is introduced for a period of 6 months. As stated in all academic sources, the weight loses are 15-20 kg in 6 month. The final weight loss always depends on the previous weight of the patient.

The pre-operational checkup and the procedure are done in one day. Before the actual procedure, an endoscopic examination of throat, stomach and duodenum is done. The patient is able to leave the clinic within the first day after the operation. 

The balloon flows freely in the stomach, evokes the feeling of fullness, reduces the capacity of the stomach and by that lowers the food intake. Thanks to this mechanism, the patient looses weight. The balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months, during which the patient gets used to the new dietary restrictions and continues to follow these even after the balloon is taken out again.  

One of the biggest advantages of the gastric balloon is the use of local anaesthesia – injection and less intervening in the human body as would be with other bariatric operations. Gastric balloon procedure is performed under intravenous sedation and lasts approximately 30 minutes.


BALLOON ORBERA365(12 months) 

Gastric balloon is responsible for the average weight loss 25-40 kg in 1 year. The final weight loss always is individual and depends on the previous weight of the patient. The saline-filled gastric balloon rests in the stomach cavity and minimalizes hunger in a safe way. The balloon stays in the stomach for 12 months, during this period the patient gets used to the new dietary restrictions and continues to follow these even after the balloon is taken out after one year. 

The surgery itself takes only 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia. Before the actual procedure, an endoscopic examination of the throat, stomach and duodenum – the gastroscopy - is done. After that, the balloon is endoscopically inserted and filled with liquid mixed with special blue medical colour. The colour indicates a potential leak of the balloon by colouring the urine. In case of a leak, the patient can quickly look for medical help so the balloon can be removed. If the empty balloon moves along the digestive tract, it usually spontaneously leaves the body in a few days. After the period of 12 month the balloon is taken out endoscopically.

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!

UK client Deborah talks about the experience of pursing bariatric treatment in the Czech Republic through Medical Travel, her personal coordinator, and enjoying her time in Prague.

UK client Rob talks about the experience of having gastric balloon procedure in Prague.

Daniel from UK and his experience with Medical Travel

Daniel and his journey.


Usually you’re on a liquid diet the first weeks. It is recommended to drink clear broth, tee, coffee, diet non-sparkling beverages, juice, yogurt, etc. Do not drink too much at once. It’s better to eat and drink more small portions than less and bigger ones. It’s generally believed to be a safe and reliable method. The risk factor is very rare.

The most frequent complication is the deflation of the balloon. This can easily be avoided if you follow the advice to have the balloon removed after 1 year. The disadvantage of the adiposity treatment with the gastric balloon is the limited timeframe of 12 months.

This period is proven to be long enough to get used to a new lifestyle and eating habits. Side effects such as heartburn, stomach aches, nausea or vomiting can occur in some cases right after the surgery. Most of these go away within 3-5 days after the procedure. It is not possible to adjust the size of the Orbera balloon.

After the period of 6 or 12 months the balloon is taken out endoscopically. By using special tools a small hole is made in the balloon so the liquid or air can get out. Then, the balloon is removed.  The risk of taking it out is very small. The most common complication is the spontaneous leak of the balloon in the stomach. This happens only if the patient does not follow the time limit of 6 or 12 months, which is also one of the disadvantages of this approach. Since the body has to get used to the changes, gastric issues as heartburn, stomach ache, nausea or vomiting can occur in some cases right after the surgery. Most of these go away within a few hours after the procedure. It is possible to take out the balloon immediately if they remain longer.

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