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Weight loss procedures

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Weight loss procedures

Are you severely overweight and feel as though you’ve exhausted every avenue available to you for dropping the pounds? Do you find it difficult to adhere to a diet or control how much food you take in on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, we may be able to help. Exercise and diet are, of course, always the first assault and line of defence against corpulence. However, even after such efforts are made, for various reasons, some people still struggle with keeping their weight in check. Thankfully, in the field of bariatrics—the area of medicine that deals with the treatment of obesity—a number of procedures, such as the intragastric balloon, have been devised that can be of assistance.

PricesWeight loss procedures

Weight loss procedures

Gastric Balloon (6 months)
1 990 EUR
  | 1 690 GBP
Gastric Balloon SPATZ (1 year)
2 590 EUR
  | 2 200 GBP
* Amounts given in euros (€) represent base prices; those in pounds sterling (£) are an approx. conversion of the euro amount and may vary. Our price does not include accommodation in the hotel and flight ticket.
  | 0 GBP

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