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IVF Egg Donation References

IVF is one of our most popular procedures, and you can read why on this page; with couples writing about every aspect of their experience with us, from the warm reception at the clinic to the unrestrained joy of getting pregnant. In the video you can also hear a proud mother who had almost despaired of conceiving and see the best referee we could have in the shape of young William. 

Tim & Nadi, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
November 2020
We highly recommend Gynem to everybody looking into fertility...

We highly recommend Gynem to everybody looking into fertility treatment. They provide a very professional service and make everyone feel very welcome. The facilities are state of the art, quiet and super clean. The team is very friendly and professional. The doctors speak different languages, e.g. Dr. Vlcek is fluent in German and English.

You are assigned a Coordinator who keeps you up to date by email and/or phone. This is such a benefit! Our coordinator, Hana, was very kind and attentive to all our needs. She answered all our questions, kept us up to date and sent all results immediately. She helped us understand the procedures and coordinated all steps with doctors and the laboratory. She was present at every appointment and gave us all information and results afterwards in writing. If there was a question, we didn’t think of during the appointment she spoke with the doctor or laboratory and provided the answer quickly. So relaxing compered to our treatments in Germany!

We want to say thank you to every member of the team, our coordinator, the doctors and receptionists and not to forget the embryologists who do an amazing job.

Ashleigh, UK

IVF Egg Donation
November 2020
Just dropping you a quick email to let you know everything went well...

Just dropping you a quick email to let you know everything went well today at our 12 week scan, all looks perfect with the baby. Finally I will be able to relax! Thank you for everything you have done on our journey to get here. Will keep in touch. Hope everything is good with you and your family.

Fumie, Japan

IVF Egg Donation
November 2020
The pregnancy test was positive. And the doctor could see the heart...

The pregnancy test was positive. And the doctor could see the heart of the baby. I still can't believe I could become pregnant. I really appreciate your support and the support of the whole Gynem staff. Hopefully I can keep the baby. We would like to keep frozen the embryo left.


Bibi, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2020
As a Muslim it was a very difficult decision to go for an IVF. But...

As a Muslim it was a very difficult decision to go for an IVF. But with lots of courage and support of my husband we decide to go for an IVF.  Going through multiple IVF clinic, I have just randomly start chatting with Gynem Clinic. At the time of chatting I did not even think that I will go for it. But the way our coordinator Klara has started conversing with me, this gave me confidence at least for going that much far to Prague from London and check what the clinic has to offer me.  

On my arriving to the clinic, Klara has made me so comfortable that instantly all my hesitation has disappeared and we both me and my husband decided to go for the IVF.  From the first moment, everyone was willing, helpful and tried their best for us. We really liked the professionalism and at the same time the human approach of everyone especially Klara. 

Klara was always there for my questions and explained with ease all the procedure which need to follow, thanks to that a lot of nervousness, which I felt at the beginning due to IVF has disappeared.  I can proudly recommend Gynem Clinic for the services that we have received. If you are thinking of Choosing Gynem I can honestly say you won't regret it - they run a very professional and efficient service and make everyone feel very welcome.

Kumiko, Japan

IVF Egg Donation
September 2020
We are an Asian (40s)/European (60s) couple, who had gone through all...

We are an Asian (40s)/European (60s) couple, who had gone through all possible fertility treatment in Japan for about 3 years with successful fertilized egg cells, which were usually implanted 3 days after fertilization, unfortunately without a resulting pregnancy. The emotional, physical and financial toll was mounting, when my partner convinced me to try a donated egg, which is not possible in Japan. With links to Munich/Germany and Honolulu/USA, we checked various possibilities and were stricken by the friendliness, helpfulness, success rate and price point of Gynem in Prague, not too far from Munich.

Our Japanese gynecologist prescribed the preparatory fertility medication and did the necessary tests and we coordinated with Gynem. Gynem gave us the options of a few donors. Hana, our Japanese and English-speaking coordinator was great in getting us all the instructions and answers in a timely and proactive manner. In Prague I was picked up at the airport & taken to our hotel where I met my partner. The next day we were picked up by taxi and taken to the nearby modern Gynem clinic with my partners fresh sperm. Some tests were done and paperwork was completed. The donated egg was fertilized and we travelled for a few days around the beautiful Czech Republic, while Hana was updating us on the development of the fertilized eggs. 5 days later we discussed the resulting eggs and decided to implant one 5AA egg. We returned on long plane rides to Asia and the US. Unfortunately, no pregnancy resulted.

A few month later Hana informed us, that they had an Eurasian donor available and offered us another chance. We jumped on this 2nd chance and varied the procedure a bit by utilizing Gynems preparatory medication under the supervision of our Japanese Gynecologist, choosing a higher resolution sperm selection method and by adding “glue” during the egg implantation and this time we were lucky. We are now blessed with a beautiful, healthy, hungry 6-month-old daughter, which is the center and love of our lives. 

We are very impressed with the Gynem doctors, staff and coordinators, their new facilities, the customer care and coordination and of course our all success! We are so impressed that we are currently contemplating a sibling for Marina with Gynem’s help. 

We thank the donor so much for all the help she provided and hardship she went through to make us happy parents and we promise we will take the best care of our daughter and give her all the love we have.

Thanks to all involved in the program.


Lizzie, UK

IVF Egg Donation
July 2020
I would like to express my thanks to you. You have been truly amazing...

I would like to express my thanks to you. You have been truly amazing and made the whole trip stress free and I am very grateful. You have a very calming nature and made today a pleasant experience. Thank you again and fingers crossed for good news. Hana, my husband said you are one cool lady and we are so glad you were our coordinator. 

Ela, Australia

IVF Egg Donation
July 2020
Per your email asking for survey and recommendations, first of all I...

Per your email asking for survey and recommendations, first of all I have a big thanks to you and all your colleagues in international department for being so quick and prompt in answering emails, phone calls and etc. 

But I by myself have a suggestion in terms of relationship and connection with doctor and patient. As a patient in this journey, I found that this is a very very tough, emotional and economical journey and what is important is supporting patient by doctors.

At the end, I was happy to choose Gynem clinic and hope to see you guys again soon.

Susan, UK

IVF Egg Donation
March 2020
I dont think ther is anything you could do to improve the service as...

I dont think ther is anything you could do to improve the service as everything from my first enquiry to my surgery was fantastic.  Although I am still recovering I am amazed at how well everything is. I want to thank you personally for everything you did for me and the lovely nurses who looked after me after surgery and dr Vasek was amazing. I am hoping to return September/October for skin laser treatment on my face so will be in touch closer to then and when everything has settled down I will send you a photo. Thank you all once again.

Inge, Norway

IVF Egg Donation
January 2020
We are delighted to inform you that we are expecting our little girl...

We are delighted to inform you that we are expecting our little girl to arrive in the beginning of may. The ultrasounds has confirmed that she is developing just fine, and everything seems to be as it should. We are very satisfied and thankful for the help, support and treatment you have provided during the whole process.

Naamah, USA

IVF Egg Donation
January 2020
What I really like with Medical Travel is having a coordinator like...

What I really like with Medical Travel is having a coordinator like you Janina! You were so patient with me, considered all my questions, relayed them to the doctor and always replied with a prompt answer. It felt like having a 5 star 5 diamond medical experience at a very high standard of care!

Prior to my procedure, I red so many horror stories online so I was naturally feeling a bit nervous at first. As soon as we spoke on the phone and went through all of the details, I knew I was in good hands. Your sense of care gave me Peace of Mind. I had absolutely nothing to worry about, I felt prepared and I had not encountered any side effects whatesoever. I had a pain free surgery, this whole procedure was honestly a piece of cake! I feel very confident to coming back again for the next steps.

Janina, you have a heart of Gold. Thank you so much for your genuine attention and consideration.

Elena, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
December 2019
After two unsuccessful IUI and failed IVF in Germany my doctor...

After two unsuccessful IUI and failed IVF in Germany my doctor advised us to look for a fertility clinic abroad mainly for financial reason. Our choice fell on the Czech Republic where we could be in a few hours drive.  I did some research online and soon have found GYNEM. As I went through the website looking at stories and pictures I had a good feeling and decided not to spend time searching or comparing clinics any further.  

I have realised that for the same amount of money we have paid in Germany for IVF in GYNEM we could get necessary (in our case) extra options like ICSI and EmbryoScope. Plus the medications turned out less expensive.  Without delay, I wrote to live chat and had a prompt response from Marie, our future international coordinator. Everything was clear and easy. We made first appointment and within two weeks arrived at the clinic. GYNEM have met my best expectations  - beautiful modern building, friendly staff and our very helpful Marie who was with us from the first day throughout the whole journey. Couples who went through IVF know how difficult it is to combine work and visits to the doctors, even in their own country. But with the help of Marie, we were able to do everything on time between the two countries. She quickly and professionally answered all my emails, scheduled our appointments and always supported me in my worries. I am very grateful to her, as well as to all doctors and nurses. They are a wonderful team who give hope to many people.  Surely, I would highly recommend this clinic to someone who is looking for IVF options abroad.

Alda, Philippines

IVF Egg Donation
November 2019
We have been looking around at many clinics in Kiev, even several...

We have been looking around at many clinics in Kiev, even several places in India. Not one of those clinics gave us a feeling that we had the right clinic. There was always something, the price, the time we had to spend or the time required to stay there but most of all we missed some personal  contact. There was  contact but never in a way Ada or I feels comfortable with. When we started having contact with you we felt at ease and after a few exchanges of mail we felt at ease and decided that we go on with you and your clinic. Everything was clear from the start and looking back there was nothing that was different than told to us. After we arrived in your clinic Ada felt comfortable with you and the rest of the staff. Looking back at everything we don't think there are things you have to change Martina, people want an honest story what they can expect. I think your clinic did this in the right way.

So thanks again. 


Kate, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2019
After two cycles of IVF in the UK it became apparent that donor eggs...

After two cycles of IVF in the UK it became apparent that donor eggs were going to be my best option for a last attempt. After researching clinics in Europe, we decided on Gynem. Their patient care has been first class. Someone always available to help. Embryo transfer was always a painful process for me before but the doctor was amazing and I didn't feel a thing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gynem and would advise anyone to consider this option rather than just sticking with UK clinics because it's easier. We found the travel no problem and Prague is easy to get around and a beautiful city.

Florence, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2019
We would like to extend our special thanks and appreciation to all...

We would like to extend our special thanks and appreciation to all staff at Gynem fertility clinic.

Our journey towards expanding our family was made so relaxed and easy going by Janina, the international client coordinator, she ensured that we were well informed at all times this was made easy by the prompt emails. She ensured that the whole programme was well organised by arranging airport pickups hotel stay, and also provided information about the hotel surroundings in case we needed anything. We were so relaxed during the programme which was meant to be stressful because, we knew that Janina always had our backs. Even the times we arrived at the airport after midnight there was always a taxi waiting for us, and a  hotel room prepared.

All the staffs at the clinic were very professional, so friendly, and always eager to help. Everyone was so thorough and very knowledgeable in their respective departments. Dr Mrazek that saw, us initially was so empathetic and very kind. Dr Vlcek, who attended to us on the second visit was also very thorough and explained the procedures clearly. We found the staff very kind and empathetic.

Dr Tomas Rieger, the embryologist, was amazing gave daily feedback about the embryo development which we received via Janina. He knew his stuff, very thorough and gave us further information on the day that we met him, in regard to the transfer. Dr Zuzana Adamova, ensured that the embryo transfer was carried out with great ease, explained every step, as well as ensure that my dignity and privacy was maintained at all times.

Maria the receptionist was always welcoming and always made sure we were comfortable as we waited for the appointment. Nurse Petra, always administered the injections with lot of ease and calmness, and with great skill. I would highly recommend Gynem clinic to everyone. The brand new and pristine building, very clean and well organized, provides a relaxed atmosphere keeping at ease as you embark on the fertility journey.

Cindy, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2019
I'm not great with words but you have been amazing from start to...

I'm not great with words but you have been amazing from start to finish answering all my questions quickly and well. I also loved how easy you made it with the transfers from airport etc. This made a big difference to taking away the stress. I was impressed with how language was no problem.
My only negative was not yours or the clinics fault and that is because we can't plan the flights for transfer not only were they very expensive but the nice direct flights were all gone so having to get a connecting flight was a disaster when my flight from Prague was an hour delayed so missed my connecting flight from France to London so slept or didn't sleep on Charles de Gaulle cold floor and didn't get home till mid morning the next day. 

Lucy, UK

IVF Egg Donation
July 2019
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Gynem fertility...

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Gynem fertility clinic. First of all our wonderful coordinator Janina went above and beyond by answering all our questions and made sure our journey from start to finish was a stress free one. All doctors and nurses were very professional and the clinic is very clean and welcoming. We were kept informed though out the whole process.

We had some doubts about travelling aboard for treatment but 100% we made the best choice and picked the best clinic. Am now 6 weeks pregnant after a very successful trip. We waited 10 years for this or only regret is that we didn’t find this marvellous clinic sooner.

I will and do recommend gynem to everyone wanting to achieve there dream xxx


Update 3/2020

Blake, our child

Colette, UK

IVF Egg Donation
July 2019
My husband and I wanted to say thanks so much for your help and...

My husband and I wanted to say thanks so much for your help and guidance before and during our trip to Prague, the help with medications and organising the embryo transfer. We really appreciate it! We are also very grateful to all the staff we met including the Head Embryologist and the Doctor who consulted with me and the one who completed the transfer.   

Brenda, USA

IVF Egg Donation
June 2019
My pregnancy went well and our baby girl was born at 39 weeks on...

My pregnancy went well and our baby girl was born at 39 weeks on March 1st. She is healthy and we couldn't be happier! Thank you for all of your help in making this happen as well as everyone at your clinic. We are forever grateful!

Amanda, USA

IVF Egg Donation
May 2019
Our experience with Medical Travel was top notch and it was all...

Our experience with Medical Travel was top notch and it was all thanks to Hana!  First and foremost Hana is such a wonderful person. You can tell she really cares about the people she meets. She was also super responsive through the entire process. My husband and I were traveling from the US and had a ton of questions and no email went unanswered.  We felt very supported the whole way.  I arrived before my husband and Hana arranged a private transfer for me to arrive at the clinic.  She was there with me through the entire process and even after the treatment she continued to check in. Although the IVF cycle was not successful I had nothing but a great experience.  I would highly recommend (and already have to others in the US) to travel to Prague for treatment through Medical Travel.  I would go back myself for a second treatment if vacation time allowed.  Thank you so very much for all of your help.  My husband and I greatly appreciate it.

Cindy, UK

IVF Egg Donation
April 2019
Myself and my husband would first of all like to start by saying a...

Myself and my husband would first of all like to start by saying a very big thank you to Klara from Medical Travel / Gynem. Our first encounter with Klara was one that would leave a lasting impression of grace and generosity. Klara went above and beyond for us in ensuring we had our medication on time, and that we could begin our IVF journey in the month that we wanted. She always instilled confidence in us, and alleviated every anxiety. On such a sensitive fertility journey such as this, we could not have been anymore grateful. Our journey to Prague was a seamless, easy and calm one. We were greeted by the driver organised by Klara, and driven to our five star apartment. The driver was exceptional, and showed us where we could do grocery shopping, the train lines and stations, and also showed us short cuts to the main Prague tourist attractions. 

From our first day in Prague, we felt that we were not just a number, we felt that we were cared for. This is completely different to our experiences of fertility care in London, UK where we are from. As the days progressed, we found the service to be even better than the days before. When Klara was not present, she would always ensure that we were taken care of, and that we knew who our contact for the day was. We would like to use this opportunity to extend our warmest gratitude to Martina also for being there for us. 

Our appointments were always on time, and we never at any point found ourselves 'anxiously waiting'. We were always seem promptly, guided by either Klara or Martina. We were never alone, and always felt in the loop. We were given daily reports on our embryos by Klara and Gynem. Gynem were truly incredible in making our dreams a reality. She celebrated our victories with us in the form of the loveliest words. It was refreshing to see how genuinely happy she and everyone we came in to contact with; was for us.

Our transport was always booked for us and outside our apartment waiting. And, we would received messages from Klara letting us know when they were outside. On our last day in Prague, we were to leave our apartment at 4am as we had an early flight. To our surprise, Klara had also woken herself up at 4am to message us; making sure that we were awake and that we knew the driver was outside. How incredible and selfless that she would sacrifice sleep, to make sure we were taken care of. The care we received from Klara, Medical Travel and Gynem was truly, truly 24hour care.

To ensure our safely, Klara would also always tell us the colour of the car/taxi picking us up. There were no mistakes. And the attention to detail and those little things made us feel very safe in a foreign land.

Throughout our treatment, every question I had was answered. Every anxiety i had was calmed. And even when we returned to London, I felt comfortable asking Klara questions, and she would always promptly reply with detail. There was no question that was too big or too small.

We would once again like to say a major thank you to everyone involved in our care. Our experience receiving fertility treatment at Gynem was one that we would never forget.

Thank you also to all the doctors, embryologists, nurses, care workers, cleaners, assistants, receptionist, phlebotomists, lab workers and Medical Travel. You all are changing lives.