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IVF is one of our most popular procedures, and you can read why on this page; with couples writing about every aspect of their experience with us, from the warm reception at the clinic to the unrestrained joy of getting pregnant. In the video you can also hear a proud mother who had almost despaired of conceiving and see the best referee we could have in the shape of young William. 

Iwona, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
November 2017
I can honestly recommend this clinic to anyone who is still wondering...

I can honestly recommend this clinic to anyone who is still wondering. We are from Poland but we are constantly living in Ireland . And there was no problem for us to go to Prague.T he clinic is very clean and modern. Staff is very nice. Very helpful, caring and professional. Our coordinator Jana is great. No problem with communication. She always respond quickly and efficiently to our emails and really give us great support. There were no problems to communicate in English. We are after the transfer and now we are waiting, but we are good at thinking. Thank you all for what you did for us so far.

Melinda, AUS

IVF Egg Donation
November 2017
My partner and I are very happy with the service. Everyone at the...

My partner and I are very happy with the service. Everyone at the clinic is polite and friendly. Having an English speaking coordinator is essential for us. It's a daunting experience e and we found it really useful being able to email the coordinator with any concerns and received a prompt response.

Gareth & Ciara Jones, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
November 2017
Coming from Ireland, We were hesitant about travelling abroad for...

Coming from Ireland, We were hesitant about travelling abroad for fertility treatment, but after a lot of online searching we found GYNEM, their prices, success rate are so much better than doing this at home. From first contact with Gynem, we were given an overseas co-ordinator who helps with everything that is needed to fly to Prague for IVF. Ours was Zita Strakova, she was amazing and helped us from start to finish, she made us feel comfortable about travelling abroad, she keeps you completely up to date with all that goes on from egg retrieval to implantation etc. I could not fault the staff/Doctors at Gynem they were lovely people and their English was great, which was a worry of ours from the outset. We are home now and waiting for hopefully good news in the next couple of weeks, thank you Zita and the Gynem staff for everything you done for us at this stressful time of our lives and making it less stressful.. 

Best wishes and Kind regards.

Speak to you soon with good news hopefully.. 

Jennifer, USA

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017
I wanted to express how wonderful, accommodating, and kind Gynem...

I wanted to express how wonderful, accommodating, and kind Gynem clinic and staff have been.

It is a difficult journey for some of us in the quest for motherhood.  It is also really hard to work in the travel across an ocean to another country in the effort to have a baby and grow a family.  You have been a real asset in making us feel comfortable and most important, fitting the egg donor and IVF into the tight schedules of our life.  You made it happen in the window of time we had.

While, I did not have a positive on my 1st try, you and Gynem have been there for me and ready to help me prepare for and schedule my next try with FET.  We were blessed to have 2 embryos to freeze.  I am praying for success.  The embryologist watched our blastocysts develop and we were blessed to have some good ones! Now, if they would just attach!!

I fully recommend Gynem and their staff.  The clinic is modern, comfortable, and of course, a very clean medical facility. I hope to follow this up with a happy report in the next few months - Fingers crossed and prayers out to the universe and heavens ;)

Thank you, Jana, for guiding us through this process.

Emma, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017
We had such a positive experience at gynem, we found it to be the...

We had such a positive experience at gynem, we found it to be the very opposite of the treatment we received on the NHS in the uk. They have a one cycle fits all policy.. Gynem on the other hand, allowed us to have donor embryos on stand by, then change to a donor cycle when we arrived in Prague. As patients we felt our views and feelings were heard and taking into consideration during the whole process.

Our treatment cycle was created specifically for us, and every question or concern we had was answered or addressed straight away.

Although Gynem offers extras such as embryo glue, assisted attaching etc the clinic were very truthful and did not try and encourage us to spend money that us didnt have to. The clinic also were very helpful with regards to  ordering taxis and airport transfers which we were extremely grateful for.

Special mention to Martina who dealt with my 1 million questions and almost daily emails like a true professional... and who explained the process and medications wonderfully so that we were 100% sure of what was happening. We would highly recommend Gynem, all of the staff made this journey and cycle stress free and a wonderful experience.

We will hopefully be in touch in just over a week with some good news :)

A million thank yous!

Laura, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017
I'm October 2015 my husband and I began our search for donor egg...

I'm October 2015 my husband and I began our search for donor egg treatment outside of the UK. We viewed a lot of clinics online including 'Gynem' in Czech Republic. I used the online chat tool to speak to the international consultant and she was very helpful and sent the information I needed immediately. 

I went to the clinic for my consultation and i was put at ease immediately. The clinic is super modern and the staff were wonderful. 

Following my consultation I only needed to wait 8 weeks for the clinic to find me a donor. I was thrilled. The following month I started my treatment & we were put on synchronised cycles. 

As promised by the clinic we would get 6 eggs, and all of these eggs made it to day 5 blastocyst. We couldn't believe how lucky we were. So we went ahead with two embryos in a fresh cycle and had the rest frozen. 

After the first cycle we fell pregnant. Which was fantastic. This pregnancy did sadly end in miscarriage. 

The second transfer was started a few months later & all my medication was posted out to me even after I gave the clinic very little notice to start the cycle. This cycle failed.

Finally the last two embryos were put in and we are 10 weeks pregnant & everything looks perfect! 

The clinic have been phenomenal, very professional- my rep Martina couldn't have been better. I have already begun recommending the clinic to many people who also need donor eggs or IVF. 

We will be back in the future for baby number 2!! 

Thanks Gynem!! 

Marta, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017
Im good really nervous waiting but feeling good which is the main...

Im good really nervous waiting but feeling good which is the main thing! I will of course keep you updated with the results as soon as I hear.
The weather in Ireland is as mixed as ever - nice one minute and raining the next and yes I’d love to be in Prague enjoying the sunshine , it’s one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited.
In relation to my experience with the clinic I have absolutely no issues what so ever , the clinic is so modern , hygienic and everybody is so professional and friendly. I would recommend and have done to my family or friends to go here rather than any clinic in Ireland , I just feel they are superior versus my experience’s in Ireland. (and I had a few!)
Lucie , I can honestly say that there is nobody I would rather have dealt with from beginning to end. You are the warmest friendliest professional person I could have wished to deal with and I can never thank you enough. You were always there with such a speedy reply even at times when I felt like I was stalking you with queries smiley but you never once made me feel like I was asking too many questions or sending too many mails and I can’t thank you enough or stress how much I appreciated it!
I also thought the perk of picking us up at the airport to take us to our hotel and collecting us for our 1st appointment was fantastic. It really took out any additional stress after arriving in a strange city. I have absolutely not a negative thing to say and I just hope the next time I’m writing to you is with fantastic news, fingers crossed.

Jolana, CAN

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017
I LOVED my care and was extremely happy with my choice. I...

I LOVED my care and was extremely happy with my choice.

I loved having a co-ordinator (Janina)  to ask questions to all along the way - this was the absolute BEST part of the process.  It was like a supportive person holding your hand on a new journey.

The medical care was exceptional, efficient and fast.  Everyone was friendly.

I also enjoyed having a consultation with the embryologist.  I really appreciated this opportunity.

My only recommendation would be to only contract hotels that have a reception there or nearby - for example The Red Lion 65$ EURO for large room with 2 beds - amazing comfy room - there is a hotel reception across the street - staffed 24/7 as "things happen".  We don't have any door locks like the one that was on my hotel door (#39 Neurodova) in my country - the trick - you turn key to left, pull a knob while turning the key further, then push knob in.  As a result - I could not get back into my hotel room the night of my medical procedure.  I was so tired and scared and had to ask strangers to help me until a man agreed.  If there was a reception with a person there - I would have felt safer and any problems would be sorted out quickly and directly with the hotel.  I was worried that asking a man to help with my door - he would get the wrong impression.  It was very awkward.

It's NOT the fault of the lady cleaner who was rushed to meet me when Dr. Mzarek's son met me - to quickly clean the room.  She worked as fast and hard as possible - but there were many flies in the kitchen that we could not get rid of so the flies stayed with me...lol Dr. Mzarek's son gave me money for my taxi and apologized and I really appreciated that.  He did show me how to get in the hotel (trick door).  Unfortunately - I wasn't able to successfully open the door later that night.  If you MUST use that door - I recommend the tenant opens the door 3 times - before someone is sure they can open it on their own.

There was another problem with having no hotel reception and that was that I didn't have the option of a "wake up call" - to be sure I woke up for my flight.  I travelled many miles by foot to find an alarm clock.  When I returned - the one I bought did not work, it was defective but I was too tired to go across the river walking 1 hour there, 1 hour back and I knew that was the last alarm clock in the store - so I had to hope I would wake up to catch my flight - which I did.  The non-European plugs use different electric outlets so you couldn't suggest people bring an alarm clock (non-European clients).

I also think it's too much responsibility for the coordinators (like yourself) to sort out these kinds of problems.  I would like Dr. Mzarek to know I LOVED the care I received but just think there should be a hotel reception to sort out hotel problems as co-ordinators are only human as well and need time off to be with their families after the work day is complete.  I walked around to many hotels (4) and they were all fully booked.  One said they have 15 hotels in Prague and the other 14 were also fully booked.  Staff (Ivan, Robert, Eugene) at The Red Lion hotel - felt sorry for me sitting on the street two days in a row and they helped me as they could - out of the goodness of their hearts.  They organized a room for me somehow even though they were fully booked - but just one night as they were fully booked for the week.  A waiter Marek at the Pizza/Pasta restaurant also felt sorry for me twice seeing me wait hours on the street - and let me use his phone and sit in the restaurant for many hours.  Janina was really trying hard but no one was picking up their phone.

Please know I would walk through fire for a baby - so none of this really bothered me.  We are super excited and hopeful that we will have good news next week and will let you know asap ;-)

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. 


Paul, ED

IVF Egg Donation
September 2017
what we liked: 1) medication supplied by you made things less...

what we liked:

1) medication supplied by you made things less stressful and easier . Thank you

2) pickup at airport

3) professional friendly and clean environment at Gynem.

4) your excellent communication

5) help with the hotel booking. (Thanks)


what we really loved:

YOU , MARTINA!!! Smile

also we really loved meeting Dr Milan Mrazek at our first appointment he is so charming and reassuring.


what we would change: suggest disposable paper available to put on couch in sperm collection room.



But overall we could not be happier than with our experience with you.

Thank you again for everything.

Tina, UK

IVF Egg Donation
September 2017
After years of unsuccessful IVF attempts in our own country and in...

After years of unsuccessful IVF attempts in our own country and in another clinic in Czech Republic, we changed last minute and went to Gynem. We first had a Skype talk with Dr. Vlcek, who was clear, friendly and understanding. Then Martina contact us. She was quick and correct in her replies and just a very lovely person. It was our first visit to Gynem and I'm very carefully writing that I'm pregnant as I still can't believe it. What was also good is the fact that they send all your medication by post. Thank you Martina and Dr. Vlcek, you've been wonderful.

Marie, DEN

IVF Egg Donation
July 2017
We are really satisfied with Medical Travel, it was our first visit...

We are really satisfied with Medical Travel, it was our first visit to Prague so it felt really nice and safe to get a pick up from the airport to the clinic. Extra thanks to Jana and Richard for taking so good care of us.

Emer, UK

IVF Egg Donation
July 2017
Our experience at Gynem was very positive. We had a Skype...

Our experience at Gynem was very positive. We had a Skype consultation to start the process and this was very informative and helpful. The doctor had fully read our notes and so was knowledgeable about our situation and was able to advise us on that Skype call. The follow up was prompt and all of my questions were answered quickly via email. Arranging payment was easy and my medication arrived quickly. The clinic were very flexible regarding dates as to when we wanted to start the process. Once we arrived in Prague, they arranged all our transport and kept in touch via text or calls which helped us to feel at ease. The clinic itself was very clean and everyone was very professional. The team were friendly and helped us to feel at ease throughout the entire process. The International Client Representative Martina was very friendly and knowledgeable and she kept in touch even outside of her working hours. Overall our experience at Gynem was excellent.

Millie, GER

IVF Egg Donation
June 2017
Good Morning from Germany! I contacted Jana back in January (2017)....

Good Morning from Germany! I contacted Jana back in January (2017). To ask her about the whole IVF process. This was our second round. Our first one was a negative at the end. I love how Jana treated me. We understood each other pretty well. I know she was busy and sometimes took a little bit of time to respond before I started my treatment but she found the time to always reply back to my emails. She kindly manage to post me my medications to Germany and I received them on time. When I visit Gynem everyone was very nice and kind. Love the cleanness of the building.   I don't recall who was the first doctor that saw me and did my first endovaginal to check how many follicles were responding. It was hard that I only had one follicle but the Embryologist gave me good hopes that it was going to be a good one and I trusted his word. We transferred a grade 1 minus (5BA) Blastocyst and now we are waiting for our hcg blood work to see if it was a successful transfer. My husband and myself kindly appreciate your service. God Bless Everyone at Gynem.

Anu, UK

IVF Egg Donation
April 2017
Thanks for your help during this whole process, it was an absolute...

Thanks for your help during this whole process, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and the staff at Gynem. 

With regards to feedback, we only have positive things to say. The level of communication was outstanding as was the level of personal care...we felt valued as a client/ patient and also appreciated the fact that whenever we were at the clinic, it felt like your time was just dedicated to us. The facilities and cleanliness of the clinic seemed so much better than anything we had seen in the UK and we were really impressed by how the whole process was arranged, from initial consultation, to airport pick-ups and your communication throughout. 

If there was any recommendation, i would suggest that on the day of the embryo transfer that maybe the clinic should arrange transfer for the clients to the clinic, we were absolutely fine with the tram, but i can imagine how nerves with a full bladder could get the better of others! 

We will keep you posted of our results in 2 weeks time... fingers crossed! 

Catarina, Portugal

IVF Egg Donation
February 2017
After 3 long years of treatments in various European countries, we...

After 3 long years of treatments in various European countries, we were very lucky in finding Gynem on the internet. The whole experience at Gynem was amazing, very easy and quick. All staff at the clinic was excellent.

A special thanks to Jana, who is an incredible lady! She is remarkable, very kind, supportive, attentive to details... no words can explain how grateful we are to here. 

I truly recommend Gynem to everyone.

Penny, UK

IVF Egg Donation
January 2017
We have found the whole experience at gymem absolutely amazing....

We have found the whole experience at gymem absolutely amazing. Responses to emails are always prompt and having a personal international rep has meant we can have continuity along the journey.  I don't know when Martina gets to sleep .... she was even texting after midnight the day we arrived to check we reached safely after the plane had been delayed by a few hours arriving at the hotel at 3am.  Having airport transfers organised by the clinic made the whole experience of travelling very stress free. The pre treatment tests are cheaper and much more thorough than in the uk, I felt like I had had a full MOT! So we have returned to the UK with 2 grade 1 embryos on board and hoping to cuddle at least one of them in 9 months time. Praying hard."

The only thing that could have been better (not for the website just for the clinic) is .... it would have been good to have had the suggestion of embryo hatching mentioned over the phone during the days after fertilisation while we were waiting for transfer. In that way we would have had an opportunity to read up about it and decide as a couple rather than make a rushed decision, alone on the day of transfer. Having since read up about the procedure it sounds like it might have been a good idea given my age. This comment is not a Critisism but just an observation that might be helpful in advising other patients.

We really are greatful for all your help Martina and for your attention to detail. We will definitely be recommending your clinic. Hopefully, I will have some good news to report in 11 days. Take care!

Sophie, UK

IVF Egg Donation
December 2016
I would like to say that from start to end I have received excellent...

I would like to say that from start to end I have received excellent service. All the staff at the clinic have been very friendly and helpful. Jana especially has helped so much and made us feel so comfortable through every step of the way.

I always hesitated to go to a different country but the whole journey was so smooth. It only took around 1.5 hours from the UK to get to Czech Republic and Jana arranged airport pickup which was so helpful as we were dropped straight to the clinic. We had no issues with English as Jana and other staff communicated very well.

We only had to make two journeys to Czech Republic. The treatment was done very quickly as I requested and no time was wasted. The treatment has been successful for us and we are expecting twins.

I can't thank Gynem Clinic enough for all the kind help and support.

I would strongly recommend this clinic to people from the UK. 

Simona, Italy

IVF Egg Donation
December 2016
We really appreciate the seriousness and honesty of all the clinic...

We really appreciate the seriousness and honesty of all the clinic staff,and for sure our opinion is a very good one regarding all of you. Alena a special thanks for your patience, support, and your accurate updates. Last but not least your warm smiles during our important moments shared at the clinic are the human side very unique in this particular experience... so many thanks again.

Tordis, Norway

IVF Egg Donation
December 2016
I have to say that my husband and I are so happy that we decided to...

I have to say that my husband and I are so happy that we decided to have our trial at Gynem. We have a 2 year old girl after embryo donation /egg donation in Greece. In January we tried for a sibling at the same clinic but it did not turn out positive. We decided to try in Tjekkia and Gynem. We have been more than pleased with the service and the quick response from our lovely coordinator Petra. She took so good care of me when I came to the clinic in late October. My husband stayed at home with our daughter and I travelled alone. I was very nervous but Petra understand that and calmed me down and was so sweet. Gynem arranged with transport from the airport and it made the trip from Norway to Prague was very easy. I have just had a very early positive pregnancy test. It is still early but I hope my frozen blastocysts will give me a baby next summer. We are so grateful!

Naomi, UK

IVF Egg Donation
November 2016
We are now in our third attempt after two unsuccessful attempts. On...

We are now in our third attempt after two unsuccessful attempts. On all occasions, we were treated well by the clinic. All communication, visits to the clinic went without hiccups. The staff is very friendly and helpful. All good!

The clinic is conveniently located close to Prague city centre. It is modern and clean. We were comfortable during all visits.