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IVF is one of our most popular procedures, and you can read why on this page; with couples writing about every aspect of their experience with us, from the warm reception at the clinic to the unrestrained joy of getting pregnant. In the video you can also hear a proud mother who had almost despaired of conceiving and see the best referee we could have in the shape of young William. 

Louise, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2015
We feel very blessed to have found and been treated by the Gynem...

We feel very blessed to have found and been treated by the Gynem clinic in Prague. The service that this clinic provides is absolutely excellent. They organise pick up from the air port and take you to your hotel, they also pick you up from the hotel and take you to your appointment.
All the staff speak good English understand your circumstances and  are very friendly nothing is too much trouble, they do give that personal touch.
Dr Mrazek the head physician is brilliant and he understands  your situation he has the ability to make you feel very relaxed and comfortable.
Dr Thomas Rieger is the embryologist he lead us to a private comfortable room and informed us how our embryos were doing he explained everything to us and what was going to happen next.
Dr Lubos Vicek performed my transfer he was very through and checked and double checked the embryos were transferred correctly. So much so his procedure has resulted in very happy news for my husband and I.  I really will never forget Dr Vicek nor will I know how to thank him.
The one person I would also like to thank is Richard Kvech he was our coordinator, non of this would have been possible without him, he organised everything from airport pick up to appointments even helped me with my lack of computer skills, had the patience of a saint with all the questions I sent him, he is brilliant and answers your questions straight away.
I would recommend the Gynem clinic 100 % and if you do get a chance ask for Richard as your coordinator.
Yes we feel very blessed to have found this clinic.

Thank you to every one at the Gynem clinic

Mia and Mark, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2015
We found you all very welcoming and helpful and the pre, during and...

We found you all very welcoming and helpful and the pre, during and after care attention was and still is very good.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your clinic to people that are looking to go through IVF.

The only thing I would say, and this is no criticism of you or your colleagues as everywhere we have been is the same, is the lack of information about what happens once the implant takes.  With this in mind I suggest that you source some midwifes possibly in different countries etc that could speak to the first time parents and explain what will happen once the pregnancy has been confirmed.  For example when the scans take place, blood tests that will be carried out, food that needs to be avoided and stuff like that.

Anyhow as I have said I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.

In the meantime thank you very much from both of us for all your help and kindness.

Olivia, Canada

IVF Egg Donation
September 2015
I highly recommend Gynem Clinic/Medical Travel, it exceeded my...

I highly recommend Gynem Clinic/Medical Travel, it exceeded my expectations.  I was nervous at first to travel to Czech Republic for treatment, but after two failed attempts in Canada, it was my next best affordable option.  My first contact was with Medical Travel and my coordinator Jana was truly excellent! She responded kindly and quickly to all my emails and answered every one of my questions. She made me feel very comfortable and confident about traveling to Prague. I was very impressive with the clinic, it was professional and modern, and the staff spoke English and were very friendly. There were no surprises or extra fees, it was truly the best decision I made. I was kept update throughout the whole process of embryo development and was lucky to have 5 great embryos on day 5. We transferred two excellent quality embryos and froze three. I am pleased to say I am 5 weeks pregnant!  

Fiona, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
September 2015
We decided to start IVF after two failed attempts of IUI here in...

We decided to start IVF after two failed attempts of IUI here in Ireland.  After doing a lot of research between clinics abroad and here in Ireland we decided to try Gynem Clinic in Prague.  From the first time I emailed Martina everything was explained to me and she answered all my questions quickly and informatively.  Choosing Gynem Prague was the best decision we made.  From the very first visit with Martina and Dr Mrazlek we felt so at ease.  We made two visits and I was able to get my medications here in Ireland and had my first scan done here which meant we didn't have to spend as many days abroad.  Our time in Prague was so relaxing and I have to say that being abroad made everything less stressful.  We were picked up a the airport and brought to the clinic.  The clinic is new and pristine and I can't fault it one bit, I have visited 3 different clinics in Ireland and it has to have been the best.  We only had the egg transfer on Sat 1st Sept so we are still waiting the result but regardless this is definitely the clinic I will be recommending to anyone looking to have IVF and if I have to go again here is where I will be going.  Thank you to all the staff at the Gynem Clinic it was an absolute pleasurable experience.

Mr & Mrs Watson, UK

IVF Egg Donation
August 2015
Choosing Gynem Fertility Abroad is the best decision we have done....

Choosing Gynem Fertility Abroad is the best decision we have done. First, we did a lot of research and compare UK clinics to clinics abroad. It turned out that Gynem Prague ticked all the boxes. One of the main reason we choose this clinic is the success rate and the credentials of Dr Milan Mrazek.

The clinic is spot on. Very clean and tidy, and all facilities and equipment are superb. When we first met Dr Mrazek it gave us more confidence to go for it. He is kind and very professional. Jana Poupe our representative is also very good and answers all our questions. We exchanged a lot of emails and asked too many questions, and she answered it all promptly.

The whole of the team Gynem is very friendly and professional and the clinic itself is very impressive. We are very satisfied with the service. It's excellent.

We are having a positive result now but also thinking of doing it again in the future for more children.

We highly recommend Gynem Fertility in Prague. Travel was so easy plus we enjoyed exploring the beautiful city of Prague. Thank you so much to all involved in the program.

Evonne, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
April 2015
Excellent clinic, found Doctor Mrazek very professional and helpful...

Excellent clinic, found Doctor Mrazek very professional and helpful and speaks excellent english. The treatment we received from this clinic was excellent and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Any time we visited the clinic all the staff were very helpful and could not do enough for this, we were never left waiting and the staff always offered us tea, coffee or a drink of water. Doctor Mrazek advised us on the best possible treatment and answered all our questions, we never got this level of service in Ireland, we were constantly being rushed through consultations. Doctor Mrazek even carried out the procedure himself. Unfortunantly our treatment was not successful on this occasion but it was due to no fault of this clinic and we will be returning for more treatment. Jana was our client representative through this whole process and I dont think we could have done it without her. She set up all appointments with the clinic for us and met us at the clinic, organised hotels, taxis and anything else we needed. She was so helpful, pleasant and could not do enough for us. She constantly emailed us and kept in contact, any time I emailed with a question she emailed straight back with an answer. She was an absolute angel to us through out our treatment. We would recommend this clinic 100%.

Mary, UK

IVF Egg Donation
March 2015
The Gynem clinic is very good, professional and clean and hygienic....

The Gynem clinic is very good, professional and clean and hygienic. The treatment protocol was very good in terms of transportation collection from the airport and from hotel to the clinic. I also appreciated that the staff spoke very good English to help with communication. It was also very useful to be able to receive the preparation medication in England before travel in order to prepare for treatment in addition I appreciated the skype calls with the Doctor and representative which allowed me to ask questions and saved upon additional expense and time having to travel to the clinic prior to treatment. The whole experience was pleasant as the staff were very friendly and helpful and answered my questions promptly. The whole process went smoothly which was good and staff made you feel at ease along with the receipt of a timetable for the prep medication. I would highly recommend the treatment and clinic and I would come back again for further treatment. The only thing that could be improved is the instructions /guidance for post treatment in terms of when to take the medication for what length of time, maybe supplying a calendar schedule and how to go about purchasing additional medication would be useful, but I over came this by communicating with you in order to clarify how long to take the medication for. I would like to add that the whole experience was a positive outcome as we now have a beautiful baby girl. Can you please pass on our gratitude to both yourself and the Doctor and staff as we are so grateful for this. Thank-You so so much. Furthermore, I am planning to try for a second child in September, therefore, can you please help to arrange and coordinate this for us.

Louise, UK

IVF Egg Donation
February 2015
I would say my treatment at the Gynem clinic has been excellent....

I would say my treatment at the Gynem clinic has been excellent. Richard has been briliant and Dr Mrazek has been also briliant.Thank you Gynem clinic.

Communication 10

Friendliness 10

Location / Clinic environment 10

Quality of care 10

Price / Value for Money 10

Overall satisfaction 10

Natasa, Slovenia

IVF Egg Donation
February 2015
I was looking for the clinic in Czech Republic and Gynem...

I was looking for the clinic in Czech Republic and Gynem representative really answered quickly with all the necessary information. The communication was really great and at the initial visit we talked to the doctor who explained everything. The donor selection went smoothly and I started taking the medicine 2 months after the initial visit. We were lucky to get a good number of embryos. The transfer was guick and now we are keeping our fingers crossed.


Communication 9

Friendliness 10

Location / Clinic environment 9

Quality of care 10

Price / Value for Money 9

Overall satisfaction 9

Benjamin, France

IVF Egg Donation
January 2015
The communication and advices provided by the Gynem staff has been...

The communication and advices provided by the Gynem staff has been amazing throuhout the treatment. From the initial email contact and subsequent, countless questions, staff were patient, understanding and more than helpful.

All process´ and options were explained in detail. Daily updates kept us informed of every development.

The Gynem clinic (Prague) is a modern, comfortable and spotlessly clean facility with professional medical staff and extremely helpful and friendly staff and nurses.

Jana was very welcoming and incredibly patient and helpful answering all of my questions. The doctors and staff were professional, caring and very helpful.

Communication 10

Friendliness 10

Location / Clinic environment 10

Quality of care 10

Price / Value for Money 9

Overall satisfaction 10

Nicole and Kyle, USA

IVF Egg Donation
December 2014
Our experience with Gynem was a very positive one. From the beginning...

Our experience with Gynem was a very positive one. From the beginning, when we were reaching out to international clinics, Jana with Gynem always responded quickly to any questions we had. She always presented all the information in a clear and understandable manner.

Once we chose to go with Gynem, it was fairly easy setting planning the trip. Jana recommended hotels and local sites that we may enjoy while in Prague for our three week stay. Our airport transfer and taxi to the clinic for the first appointment was also set up for us.

Once arriving at the clinic we were impressed by how clean the facility is. It is fairly new and up kept very well. We felt very comfortable there. The doctors were approachable and spoke English very well. The whole staff did their best to make the process as easy as possible for us.

Along the way, we had a few unexpected setbacks and even at the clinic worked extra hard to present us with alternative options. We really felt like they cared. 

We would definitely recommend Gynem. For us, it allowed us to pursue IVF/ICSI that financially wasn't an option in the United States and we felt the care and medical attention was comparable, if not better, than what we would have received at home.

Lesley, UK

IVF Egg Donation
September 2014
From day 1 of getting in touch with Gynem we felt very comfortable,...

From day 1 of getting in touch with Gynem we felt very comfortable, they are very helpful in every aspect. Our experience was fantastic and being in prague was fabulous, such a beautiful place. The whole team at Gynem were so friendly and professional. I recommend Gynem to anyone wanting that personal touch.

Andrea, Canada

IVF Egg Donation
July 2014
We had a wonderful experience with Medical Travel Czech Republic...

We had a wonderful experience with Medical Travel Czech Republic during our donor egg cycle in summer 2014.  We did a lot of research before choosing a clinic, and we always received quick and detailed answers to all of our questions.  Our Skype consult with Dr. Mrazek was what convinced us to choose Czech Medical Travel; we could tell that he had gone over all of our medical records carefully and was providing his professional opinion, unlike some other clinics where they just seemed to want to sign you up quickly.  Once we started our cycle, pretty much everything was taken care of by our fantastic client coordinator Martina, from the medications to the airport pickup to transportation to the clinic.  All we needed to worry about were flights, a hotel, and what we wanted to do during our stay in beautiful Prague.  The clinic itself is brand new and state-of-the-art, but small enough so that you know you are getting personal attention.  Everyone except a few of the nurses spoke pretty much perfect English, and we received information every step of the way so we always knew what was going on and what the next steps were.  The only small challenge was the time difference (6 hours for us from Canada), so before we arrived in Prague it sometimes seemed like forever before the next email came, but that was mostly because we were so eager to start our cycle and know how our donor was doing.  We would happily return to Medical Travel Czech Republic and recommend it to others.

Lynda & Max, UK

IVF Egg Donation
July 2014
Hi I am writing this review as I guess like everyone reading this now...

Hi I am writing this review as I guess like everyone reading this now  you are thinking about going through  IVF or egg donation abroad, like us we read every single review going to make sure we picked the right clinic for us.

Our brief history: We are from England, Age: both 40, 4 IVF attempts + 2 frozen

When we start this whole process we were very nervous about making the right choices and to make sure we were doing the right thing, we were impressed with the reviews online with GYNEM so  we made our first visit to Prague  to take a look at the clinic and was really happy with the service provided, we were picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel and picked up in the morning.

Martina is really kind!!!

The clinic by far was the most modern cleanest and helpful we have been too including the UK!!!

Our tip would be to stay in hotel in centre of Prague 1 and get a taxi to clinic as there isn't a lot to do in that area where the clinic is situated.

When we talked to the doctor we pretty much made our decision to go through egg donation with GYNEM straight away.  He was really kind and helpful and told us all the information we needed.

The cost of IVF & egg donation is a 1/3 off what it is in the UK but all the tests & help wouldn't suggest this in fact I was so impressed with the level of service and help I'm surprised they can get away with charging so much for this in the UK!!!

Everything is anonymous & designed to make the procedures as stress free as possible for both of us.

To find a donor it only took two weeks to find a suitable match example; hair & eye colour weight &height specifications hobbies and education level of suited donor.

The morning of donation everything is organised like clockwork and hassle free and after 3/5 days when you go back in for implantation the staff couldn’t look after you any better.

We got to see the embryos when they were putting in and once done unlike the UK you get to rest for up to 45 mins after to let things settle.

I would certainly build in a holiday with your stay to chill out and take your mind off any thing you worried about also Prague is a lovely city with lots to offer great shops, restaurants & lots of history.

I am glad to say after our egg donation in Prague we flew back the day after and did a pregnancy test after two weeks which we were happy to find was positive and after a additional 2 weeks we had our first scan at 6 weeks and all was fine, both my husband and I are over the moon and looking forward to the rest of our life's. Hope this helps put your mind at rest.

Belinda, Australia

IVF Egg Donation
May 2014
After more than 4 years of trying to fall pregnant, with 6 failed IUI...

After more than 4 years of trying to fall pregnant, with 6 failed IUI's and 6 failed IVF's, we decided to attempt an IVF using donor eggs. From the very beginning the staff were extremely professional and attentive to our needs, concerns and questions. Dr Mrazek  was very reassuring during our Skype consultation and within the month we were given a choice between 5 donors. The medication arrived in the post and we began or preparation. Of course I was very nervous that everything was progressing normally and so sent many emails to Martina who related to me on a very personal level and provided me with all of the information and reassurance that I needed. Her response was quick and immediate considering we were often communicating outside regular office hours. Once in Prague we were able to relax and thoroughly enjoy everything that is beautiful about the city. Unfortunately our protocol was delayed and I had to extend my stay by 5 days but we managed to make transfer with 2 top quality Day 5 blastocysts and have frozen 4 blastocysts. This is a stark improvement on anything we have managed using our own eggs. We are astounded by the results and are so grateful to our donor for providing such a selfless act of kindness. We must now endure the dreaded 2 week wait however we would highly recommend the services of Gynem Clinic to anyone in a similar situation. We feel as though we have been treated with the greatest professionalism and regard.  

Olena and Dave, UK

IVF Egg Donation
May 2014
Would like to say a big thank you to all the staff of Gynem Fertility...

Would like to say a big thank you to all the staff of Gynem Fertility Clinic and Medical Travel  for all their help and support in making our dream come true.

Everything from the very start, like supplying us with a list of hotels near the clinc, arranging for  us to be picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel, which was so nice and a pleasurable experience as this was our first time in Prague and we would have been unsure how to get from the airport to our hotel.

As IVF is such an amazing and emotional experience it was so gratifying that all the staff at the clinic were so friendly and approachable throughout the whole process. We built up a good relationship with them on our first visit which made things a lot easier to come back for the second step of the treatment. They appear to really care for you and for your own personal success.

The Gynem fascility is very impressive. It is a new and modern building giving the impression of  a scientific and professional environment. It is easy to get there as the public transport in the city is very good. One ticket will allow you to travel on all three of the main forms of public transport, the Metro, trams and busses. From the Kobylisy Metro station a number 162 or 169 bus will take you there. The bus stop is only a few 100 meters from the clinic.

We were  told to enjoy our “ holiday “ while we were there and were given a list of all the historic and famous places to visit. Prague will make you speechless !!!
We would recommend anyone thinking of IVF treatment to consider going there where they will find a very warm welcome and treatment at a really affordable price.

Update 8/2014 - Ultrasound scan of baby 

Miana, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
April 2014
The clinic is not far from Dresden, just 2 hours to drive by car....

The clinic is not far from Dresden, just 2 hours to drive by car. After an extremely expensive, not fair and traumatising treatment done in Germany in august 2012 with the best quoted Professor at that time, I found the clinic in Prague and I was impressed from the very first phone call, about the professional approach and no waiting or wasting time and money. The Clinic is way better, clean and modern than any other clinic I ever seen in Germany and in England. The personal is very friendly but the most important is the experienced and kind doctor Mrazek. His work is accurate, he takes all the time you need to make you feel comfortable and to make the very stressing time of an IVF treatment as smooth as possible. During the treatment I have seen always the same doctor, he was always available for me, including Sundays and an International representative who speaks German and English was also always at my disposal. Also the embryologist, explains very clear what happens, how everything works, and knew  how to keep me positive during the long days of waiting for the Embryo-labour-results. A big help was also to receive all the medicaments direct from the clinic. Another important positive factor for me it was that all the medicaments are provided from the clinic, price is minimum 3 times cheaper than in Germany. In this clinic you feel as a Patient that the people really care about you and not just about your money. 

Dorte, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
February 2014
We were very satisfied with the treatment we got at the Clinique. The...

We were very satisfied with the treatment we got at the Clinique. The personal were extremely friendly and everything was handled in a professional manner, where we felt both welcome and also well informed about everything. The physical surroundings in the Clinique are of a very high standard. 

Laura, UK

IVF Egg Donation
January 2014
I was nervous about undergoing fertility treatment in another country...

I was nervous about undergoing fertility treatment in another country. From the initial enquiry I received prompt feedback to all questions and had a Skype consultation with the doctor which was really helpful. We were matched up quickly to a suitable donor & received all medication in the post. Any questions I had were responded to by the representative, Martina, in a timely manner. Anything she didn't know & needed medical input she took away and got the right answers. When the time came to go to Prague we were picked up at the airport & taken to our hotel which was great being in a strange city! Martina collected us at the hotel the next day to go to the clinic. Very impressed with the facility itself - brand new & pristine! This was another worry before we got there but we were reassured once we saw it. We met with Dr Mrazek at the clinic & he was extremely nice. We also met the embryologist who gave us an overview of the blood test results they had taken from my husband. All the staff speak good English so there wasn't a communication issue. We returned home & Martina kept me up-to-speed with how the fertilisation process was going & we had 2 good blastocysts for transfer & 2 to freeze which we were delighted with! The transfer took place 5 days later & I flew home the next day. It was a difficult decision to make to proceed with an egg donor due to failed ivf cycles with my own eggs but I wanted to have a child & felt this was the best opportunity for us. I am currently in the 2 week wait & feel confident & hopeful that it will work. I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to do this, the service was excellent & the staff efficient & knowledgeable. Thank you to all involved in the program.

UPDATE 9/2014 Jack, was born on 23rd September

Karen, UK

IVF Egg Donation
December 2013
Just wanted to let you know I had a baby girl on 2nd December...

Just wanted to let you know I had a baby girl on 2nd December weighing 9.8 pounds. She is beautiful. The whole process was good. It worked! I'd had two failed IVF in England, so I am very happy. Thank you for everything.