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IVF Egg Donation References

IVF is one of our most popular procedures, and you can read why on this page; with couples writing about every aspect of their experience with us, from the warm reception at the clinic to the unrestrained joy of getting pregnant. In the video you can also hear a proud mother who had almost despaired of conceiving and see the best referee we could have in the shape of young William. 


IVF Egg Donation
November 2013
From before we contacted Medical Travel we did some research on the...

From before we contacted Medical Travel we did some research on the web. We would go for the egg donation programme, and it was important for us to have a donor of Caucasian / Nordic appearance. It is due to law not legal with egg donation where we from. We found Czech Republic and Prague as a nice place to go, with nice people, and descent prices. I had been to Prague several times and knew the country. Medical Travel was chosen due to a full programme package with pickup and nice facilities with experienced doctor.

We have really a good experience from using Medical Travel as IVF donation programme. We were contacted by telephone only minutes after filling in the contact scheme, and we were set up for a Skype consultation with the doctor when it suited us.

We then agreed to go further with this. Blood tests and pre-examination were done home by GP and gynaecologists. The donor was found very quickly. The menstrual cycle had to become synchronized, so she got some medics for this by the GP. Then the medicines for preparation of uterus came by post, and she started to take these as prescribed. Due to small bleedings there was done some adjustment in dose.

She had a check-up by gynaecologist short time before we went to Prague. It took some time before we knew when to arrive Prague, so ordering tickets was not so easy, and was done just few days before we needed to be there. Fortunately we got tickets, but travelling such a long distance, and in winter time may become problematic. We were picked up by mini-bus at the airport and driven to the hotel in city-centre. Morning after we were picked up at the hotel and taken to the clinic, about 20 min from centre.

The clinic is perfectly new, modern, looks great and seems to be very nice equipped.

Semen collection was done and information was given. Egg was retrieved from donor and for now we had to wait 6 days until blastocysts were ready. It was 6 days with waiting and medication. But there were time for looking around in Prague as well. After waiting we went back for insertion of blastocysts, this was quite quickly done, and then we went straight back to the airport to go home.

Pros +: Nice country, people and clinic. Good contact with client representative, good English written and spoken. Positive pregnancy test after first trial.

To improve: - Egg donor should after our opinion been younger (under age 30).  (Did she have children from before?) -Medication sent without any information, no files or instructions. (Previously when we tried IVF we got a nice file with a lot of information). We got no info about semen collection. Fortunately we knew about this from before.

Conclusion: We will with good feelings recommend this clinic for other couples in Europe. If the pregnancy doesn’t last, we will for sure go back to the same clinic.

Stephanie, USA

IVF Egg Donation
August 2013
As far as feedback about Medical Travel Czech Republic, our overall...

As far as feedback about Medical Travel Czech Republic, our overall experience was good. We loved Prague. It was such a beautiful place and very enjoyable to visit. I would recommend to anyone traveling to Prague to research the transportation system.  It was very easy and convenient once we got it figured out. It was great having someone to greet us at the airport and take us to our hotel on our first visit.  After a long trip no one wants to worry about how to get to the hotel.  It was also very helpful having you accompany us to our first visit to the clinic. It is so amazing that the opportunity exists to afford treatment in your country when it is too expensive in the United States. I would recommend the clinic provide a better way to communicate and I would recommend anything that would increase the support of these women when traveling. Thank you for caring enough to get my feedback.  We did appreciate your services.

Julie, UK

IVF Egg Donation
July 2013
May I take this oportunity to thank you for all your assistance,...

May I take this oportunity to thank you for all your assistance, everyone at the clinic was absolutely wonderful and so caring. The nurses at the clinic were so nice, there was a blonde haired lady on the ward itself she was absolutely wonderful, she made me feel relaxed the clinic itself was so clean and high specification, faultless. Our doctor was so kind he really took the time to speak to us and explained things. In fact I can not fault the care that was given. I would be very happy to recommend your service to other couples.

Cora, USA

IVF Egg Donation
June 2013
Overall we had a good experience with the IVF process. I'm almost 7...

Overall we had a good experience with the IVF process. I'm almost 7 months pregnant,even with a bumpy road behind so far so good. Prague lived  up to the reputation and we will be forever connected to this beautiful city

Marta, UK

IVF Egg Donation
May 2013
Fertility treatments are not cheap and you can find huge difference...

Fertility treatments are not cheap and you can find huge difference between centres. We have decided Medical Travel and we couldn't be happier. Very helpful & professional staff. Richard always answer your emails within the same day and help you with arranging everything, very very helpful and very warm, which as you all know helps on this tough fertility road.

Jacqueline, UK

IVF Egg Donation
November 2012
First of all, we felt that the correspondence was excellent.  We were...

First of all, we felt that the correspondence was excellent.  We were able to contact you by phone or email whenever we wanted and always received prompt or immediate answers to our questions.

On arrival in Prague, our stay was made stress free because of help with all travel arrangements and accommodation if we did so require.  We were picked up personally by one of the team by car from our hotel and were driven to the hospital on both stays in Prague.  Once there, Martin waited with us and made sure everything ran smoothly, which was a great help, as well as speeding up the process considerably.

There were a couple of hiccups, which were dealt with quickly and efficiently.  As a result, I am pregnant with twins and am very happy at the outcome!  I felt that the treatment that I got in Prague was far superior to the treatment I received in the UK for IVF and the nurses were efficient, friendly and helpful.  When I told the doctor that I had "bendy tubes", he did not hesitate to offer to put the embryos back inside me himself eventhough he had a very busy schedule in the hospital!  He was positive, encouraging and extremely re-assuring, which made all the difference to my treatment.  This particular clinic has won the Guiness Book Of Records for the most babies born through IVF for about the last 10 years running!

Prague is beautiful and my husband and 6 year old son loved our little "holiday" there.  I would thoroughly recommend anyone to have treatment here!  Good Luck!