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Rhinoplasty, usually termed the ‘nose job’ in casual conversation, is probably more widespread than you think. It is one of the oldest types of cosmetic procedures in the world, with a history stretching back to ancient India, and, when done well, leaves no evidence behind but a better-looking nose. In this procedure, skin and soft tissue are separated from the underlying nasal structure, which is then shaped, corrected, and otherwise adjusted to improve appearance and/or function. Given the organ’s prominent position, nose surgery of this kind has the potential not only to make a big nose smaller, but to significantly improve a person’s face generally. Just perform a search for well-done celebrity nose jobs for evidence of this. Or, for that matter, have a look at the before/after photos at the bottom of this page. If you’re interested in obtaining such results, we can supply. Read on to learn more.

Nose surgery

2 050 EUR
/ 1 750 GBP
Dream team of experienced surgeons
Dream team of experienced surgeons
Free evaluation of your photos
Free evaluation of your photos
No waiting list – you can start your treatment today
No waiting list – start your treatment today
Highest level of discretion – very short stay in Prague
One-day stay in Prague
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery
2 180 EUR
/ 1 860 GBP

Amounts given in euros (€) represent base prices; those in pounds sterling (£) are an approx. conversion of the euro amount and may vary according to doctors individual opinion.

Our price includes

fast and flexible assistance, operation, anaesthesia, compression clothes, 1 night at the clinic, and post-operation care.


Our price does not include

pre-operative check-up, airport pickup, accommodation in the hotel, extra nights at the clinic and flight ticket.


Duration of stay

1 night at the clinic + 3 days in Prague 



We cooperate with top-tier, board-certified surgeons and state-of-the-art clinics. Our clinics provide a friendly and safe environment and follow the European standards of care and operational procedures. 

How does it work


After initial contact via phone or email, we will ask you to provide us with photos of the areas which you would like to enhance, with a brief description of what your goals are for the procedure. This is only used to ensure the best evaluation for your personal needs, and all information sent to us will be held in strict confidence. Of course you are under no obligation at this stage, and the evaluation is completely free of charge. 



Next, we will ask you to fill in our questionnaire, as we need to be confident that there are no existing medical conditions which could affect you undergoing the procedure. Please fill in as much information as possible, and we will get back to you with an evaluation of your questionnaire by one of our doctors.



Once an agreement has been made for the proposed dates, prices, and surgeon who will perform the procedure, the next step will be to pay the deposit to the clinic account. The deposit is a 100% booking guarantee of your date. If you do not show up for the surgery without providing us with a reason, we cannot return the deposit back. Of course in the event that you are ill or if an emergency prevents you from keeping your date and you are able to notify us in a timely manner, we are able to find new dates for you and use this deposit to secure a new date. 

The outstanding balance must be paid on the day of the surgery (we accept cash, credit cards, or a direct bank transfer into clinic account).

Petr Jan Vasek

We place a special emphasis on the profile of every surgeon. Our company only endorses highly experienced doctors with international practice and positive references. All of our surgeons or their teams speak English fluently.



Nose surgery (also called Rhinoplasty) is suitable for people who would like to improve the shape of their nose. The main focus of Rhinoplasty is to enhance self-confidence, and from a medical point of view it can also improve your breathing. Rhinoplasty can make your nose thinner, balance the nasal barrier or reduce the size of your nose. This procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Stitches are located inside the nose and they are self-absorbing. No scars are visible after the surgery as it is done through nostrils.


Post Procedure Care

After the surgery, a tamponade and nasal splint is applied in the nostrils. Tamponade can be removed 1-3 days after the surgery. Patients are using mouth for breathing in the meantime. After the nasal splint is removed, in case of nose surgery it is 7-10 days, the patient starts applying pressure massages by few times a day for a period of one month. The massages prevent the creation of scars, and they relieve the skin. A state of rest is recommended for a period of one week after the surgery. The patient can carry out office work one week after the surgery and sports activities should be avoided for period of 4 weeks.

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!

Just a few months after receiving bariatric treatment in the Czech Republic through Medical Travel, UK client Deborah returns to the Golden City—this time for aesthetic surgery.

UK client Rob talks about the experience of having tummy tuck and liposuction procedure in Prague.



See for yourself in our rhinoplasty before and after photos.

* The results may differ from client to client.


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