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If treatment with your own eggs is not an option for you for various reasons, there is no need to give up on your dream of having a child. In such cases, it is possible to use a healthy donated egg and fertilize it using advanced laboratory methods with either your partner's or donated sperm. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the recipient - the future mother. With the help of a single donated cell, it is possible to fulfil your desire to become parents.

Through Medical Travel, you get to ‘customise’ your donor by choosing her physical traits and blood group, which criteria our clinic will then use in the selection process. Read on to learn more.

IVF with donated eggs

4 900 EUR
/ 4 170 GBP
Save 70% on your medical costs
Save 70% on your medical costs
Brand new clinic with latest IVF technologies
Modern clinic with latest IVF technologies
63% success rate
Two out of three couples get pregnant
No waiting list – you can start your treatment today
No waiting list – start your treatment today
Young, screened and healthy donors
Young, screened and healthy donors
3rd cycle DISCOUNT
3rd cycle DISCOUNT
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Egg Donation Basic Package
4 900 EUR
/ 4 170 GBP
Egg Donation Comfort Package
5 900 EUR
/ 5 020 GBP

*Prices listed in euros (€) are fixed; those in pounds sterling (£) may vary according to exchange rate at time of procedure.



Guarantee of 1 good quality embryo for transfer

Airport transfer and taxi fare for first visit to the clinic

In-person initial consultation and compulsory pre-treatment tests

STD testing for the male (Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and syphilis)

Donor selection, testing, remuneration, and medications

Ultrasound scans and consultations with doctors

Sperm collection and semen analysis (spermiogram)

Fertilisation via ICSI

Prolonged cultivation of embryos



Includes all features of the basic package plus:

Guarantee of 2 blastocyst stage embryos for transfer (one embryo transfer is included)

One donor exclusively for one couple

3rd cycle for free 

The Egg Donation Programme Guarantee*


Not included in the price:

Medications for recipient: €150 – €200

Cryopreservation (freezing of surplus embryos): €500 - €700

Frozen embryo transfer (if you have frozen embryos): €900



In the case of the Basic Package, If at least one embryo suitable for transfer is not yielded, one new cycle will be provided at no extra charge.

In the case of the Comfort Package, If only one blastocyst stage embryo is yielded, the patient has the right to request another blastocyst stage embryo free of charge to be created and transferred within 12 months of the first transfer. This second transfer would be a FET (frozen embryo transfer). If no blastocyst is yielded, as per the Comfort Package guarantee, we will provide a new cycle for free. If there aren't enough fresh eggs available from the donor, we can supplement them with frozen eggs If suitable frozen eggs are available in stock. If the first and second packages (same package type) are not successful (negative biochemical pregnancy test), a third one will be offered for free (Comfort Package) or at a 30% discount (Basic Package). In this case we guarantee four fresh or frozen eggs and one healthy embryo for transfer. For the guarantee to apply, sperm must be of sufficient quality (motile sperms that are not in a state of 'teratozoospermia'). The guarantee cannot apply if surgically retrieved sperm (e.g. MESA/TESE) were used. The recipient must not suffer from any serious autoimmune disease, or uterine fibroids. Please note, any frozen embryos remaining from previous cycles must be used before this third cycle may commence.


This price does not include:

- Medications, flight ticket and accommodation



In accordance with Czech law, assisted fertility treatment can only be administered if the woman is below 49 years of age and has a verified male partner.



Gynem is an exclusive and unique new fertility clinic, designed specifically for IVF treatment, which meets all of the European health standards. The IVF Centre provides a whole range of IVF procedures, such as ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, MACS, Fertile Chip, Astec®, Embryoscope®, Embryoglue®, Laser Assisted Hatching, Spindle, Spermmobile, PGT, Vitrification and Gavi. 



Our clinic, GYNEM has established and applies a Quality Management System for providing special medical care in the field of reproductive medicine and gynaecology. To see ISO 9001:2016 and TUV CERTIFICATE please click on TUV logo.  

How does it work

First Visit in Prague

The first step is to fill in our fertility questionnaire and egg donation form. You can undergo required pre-treatment tests for you and your partner back home or at the GYNEM Fertility clinic. During the initial consultation with our experienced doctor, an individual stimulation protocol will be determined. Sperm can also be collected and frozen so that it is not necessary for the man to return to Prague again.

The price of the initial consultation is 150 EUR, which will be returned to you once you decide to go ahead with our Egg donation programme at GYNEM Fertility clinic.


First Visit via Skype & Email

If for personal or work reasons you cannot travel to Prague for an initial consultation, this is an alternative option. The first step is to fill in our fertility questionnaire and egg donation form, undergo required pre-treatment tests back home and send us the results. After the clinical evaluation we will provide you with Skype consultation with our fertility doctor. Our IVF coordinator will find a suitable donor and issue a stimulation protocol for you. Online consultation is free of charge.


Second Visit in Prague

The stimulation of your ovaries starts on the 2nd day of your period. After 10 days from the beginning of stimulation, you must visit your personal doctor to make an ultrasound scan to check that the uterus lining height is appropriate, or it is also possible to arrive in Prague and visit GYNEM fertility clinic for ultrasound scan.

Around the 15th day of stimulation the egg retrieval of your donor will take place. On the same day, a sperm sample will be collected for fertilization (unless provided in the first visit or if donor sperm will be used). The cultivations of embryos lasts 3-5 days and we inform you every day about how the embryos are developing.

Around the 20th day from the start of the stimulation the embryo is transferred. We currently transfer 1-2 embryos. The amount of transferred embryos will be discussed and decided with the patient and embryologist. Unused and healthy embryos can be frozen and used at a later time if the first attempt is not successful.

14 days after the embryo transfer you will take a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is positive, you will continue taking prescribed medications until the 10th week of pregnancy. If the pregnancy test is negative immediately discontinue taking prescribed medicaments.

Duration of stay in Prague

Short stay (2 days)

Your total stay in Prague is approximately 2 days if you wish to use frozen sperm from your first visit and if you undergo an ultrasound scan on the 10th day of your stimulation back home and send us the results via email. You will arrive one day before the embryo transfer.


Recommended stay (7 days)

Your total stay in Prague is approximately 7 days if you undergo an ultrasound scan on the 10th day of your stimulation back home and send us results via email. You will arrive one day before the egg retrieval (we need your partner's sperm).


Long stay (10 days)

Your total stay in Prague is approximately 10 days if you undergo the ultrasound scan on the 10th day of your stimulation here at the clinic. You will arrive on the day of your ultrasound scan.


The male partner’s stay in Prague can be reduced to only one day.

IVF Specialists
Dr. Milan Mrazek, Ph.D., MBA

Our IVF fertility doctors follow the European standard of care and operational standards. The head physician of GYNEM Fertility Clinic is Dr. Milan Mrazek, PhD, who is the former president of the Czech Association for assisted reproduction and will provide the highest quality of medical care. He has more than 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction and 35 years in obstetrics and gynaecology.




Tests for woman:


Ultrasound scan (Uterus and fallopian tubes)

can be done at the clinic anytime


Blood group and Rh factor

can be done at the clinic anytime



Cervical cultures (smear tests of ureaplasma, mycoplasma and chlamydia)   

can be done at the clinic when not having period



can be done at the clinic anytime


Mammography for woman over 40 years old

can be done in Prague anytime


Tests for man:


Spermiogram and STD diseases (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)
          can be done at the clinic anytime


If STD test results register positive/reactive, an additional examination will be required at a fee of €100.


Donations in the Czech Republic are anonymous. We have no waiting time for finding the right donor. Our egg donors are mostly composed of students of higher education. At our centre, all egg and sperm donors have to undergo blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases and genetic defects in order to provide safety for you and your offspring. You are able to choose the colour of the eyes, hair, body weight, height, education and blood type.

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!


A deposit of 2 000 EUR must be paid beforehand via bank transfer / credit card / cash once you have confirmed the treatment (covers the costs for the donor). The remaining sum must be paid prior to the embryo transfer (we accept cash, credit cards, or a direct bank transfer into our account). A deposit is non-refundable.

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