Otakar Lucák

Plastic Surgeon

Dr Otakar Lucák is a plastic surgeon, who specialises in cosmetic operations and aesthetic operations. Burn medicine, operations on inborn defects, clefts of the face and penis, developmental defects of extremities, skin tumours, treatment of traumatic and post-traumatic conditions, deformities and many other operations are all included in this extensive discipline. These are operations, that make plastic surgery one of the most interesting surgeries in the field. A highly experienced specialist in his field, Doctor Lucák has had long-term experience from private practice and the results of the surgeries are reflected in the number of satisfied clients. 


Education and experience

  • Graduated from the Medical Faculty at Palacký University in Olomouc, 1985

  • Board-examined in Surgery, Degree I (1988)

  • Board-examined in Plastic Surgery, Degree II (1993)

  • Dr. Lucák worked as a non-consultant hospital doctor at the Department of Plastic and Burn Medicine, TH Ostrava. Subsequently, he was active as Deputy Head of the Třinec Hospital Plastic Surgery Department.

  • In 1996, he became a founder and owner of a private clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery in Ostrava.

  • He operated private medical services in the field of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, as a senior doctor, from 1996 to 2013.

  • From 2014, he worked as an aesthetic surgery specialist at leading clinics in the Czech Republic.

  • Since 2018, he has been an esteemed member of the clinic team at Laser Esthetic.

  • He has 20 years of technical experience.


Membership in professional societies

  • Member, Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně

  • Member, Plastic Surgery Society

  • Member, Aesthetic Medicine Society

  • Member, Czech Medical Chamber

  • Licensed in Plastic Surgery by the Czech Medical Chamber

  • Member, Aesthetic Medicine Society


Professional internships and training

Doctor Lucák has been participating in nation-wide and international conferences on a regular basis; as part of the activities, he takes workshops along with his colleagues and other specialists in the field, whether as part of the passive audience or pro-actively by means of his own lectures informing the other fellows on the basis of his personal experience and knowledge – not only from the sectors of medicine.


  • Participant in post-doctoral learning (internships, training, courses, symposia, congresses – whether in the country or abroad)

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, UH Královské Vinohrady Prague, pre-examination internships

  • Medical Cosmetics Institute Prague – internships in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Multiple domestic symposia and congresses, both pro-active and passive participant