Michal Dychus

Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Dychus is an attested and certified plastic surgeon, licensed by the Czech Medical Association. He can perform a wide range of plastic surgeries and interventions for dermatological and beauty purposes. Since 2017 he has been working as a surgeon in the plastic surgery department at the Třinec hospital. Doctor Dychus joined our clinic in 2020 where he has been assisting and learning from doctor Tomáš Beneš, who has been passing on his rich experience. Dr. Dychus specializes in liposuction, abdominoplasty, botox and acid hyaluronic filler application. He brings to these specialisms a personal aesthetic which specifically aims to enhance beauty.

Education and Qualifications

2009  Graduation - Palackeho Medical University, Olomouc

2009-2013 - University Hospital Ostrava, Surgical clinic

2016 - Surgical attestation

since 2017 - Třinec Hospital, Plastic Surgery Department

2017 - Certification for application of cosmetic fillers 

2018 - Internship in The Center of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery 

2020 - Internship in Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery Institute - Vysoká nad Jizerou

2021 - Internship in The Clinic of of Plastic and Aesthetic surgery  - Brno

2021 - Internship in Plastic Surgery Clinic, Prague

2021 - Plastic Surgery Attestation