Matúš Baran

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baran is a graduate of Charles University’s second Faculty of Medicine, with an MBA from the College of International Business in Prešov, Slovakia. Prior to joining the surgical team at our Clinic, he accumulated a sizable amount of practical experience—and the knowledge that comes with it—through a variety of avenues.

Dr. Baran underwent much of his practical training at the Department of Plastic Surgery in Prague’s Vinohrady University Hospital, with a focus in reconstructive surgery, as well as at the Institute of Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery in Vysoké nad Jizerou, Czech Republic.

Acquiring further experience through internships in Prague, Bologna, Warsaw, and Paris, and serving as plastic surgery assistant at a private clinic in Prague, Dr. Baran went on to work in the Department of Surgery at Masaryk Hospital in Rakovník, Czech Republic. Later he joined the Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic at Košice-Šaca Hospital in Slovakia.

Currently in the process of completing his post-graduate studies in experimental surgery at Charles University’s First Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Baran has also authored and co-authored several published works—both domestic and international—on the topics of liposuction and first aid.

In his free time, he volunteers as a trainer through the Slovak Red Cross, where he holds an award ‘for humanity, sacrifice, and volunteering.’


Birthplace: Prešov, Slovakia

Birth Date: March 6, 1986

Spoken Languages: Slovak, English, French

Hobbies: travelling; cycling; volunteer educational work; spending time with dog, Lexi



2011 – Present

Experimental surgery, Plastic Surgery Department—external post-graduate study; First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

2015 – 2016

Master of Business Administration, College of International Business, Prešov, Slovakia

2005 – 2011 

General medicine, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague


Professional Experience

2013 – Present

Aesthetic Centre, Košice-Šaca Hospital, Slovakia

2012 – Present

Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Košice-Šaca Hospital, Slovakia

2012 – Present

Medicine specialist for marketing and business development, COMPEX spol. s.r.o. (Jett Medical), Brno, Czech Republic

2011 – 2012

Department of Surgery, Masaryk Hospital, Rakovník, Czech Republic


Additional Training and Qualifications


Specialised training in plastic surgery, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague


International certification in standards for clinical trials, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Service


Certificate in Botox and hyaluronic acid application, ENVY Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, Košice, Slovakia

2004 – 2017

Licensed six times as first aid trainer, Slovak Red Cross


Educator Training

2013 – Present 

Instructor of anatomy to first-year students of general medicine, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia

2009 – 2012 

Instructor in preparation for university entrance exams, AZ Smart s.r.o. and Tutor s.r.o., Prague