Martina Jakšíková

Team Leader

Martina has been a member of the Medical Travel team since 2013, during which time she has assisted many patients in achieving their personal treatment goals, in addition to helping them organise their trips and thoroughly enjoy Prague.

Martina mainly takes care of English and German speaking clients, but is able to speak a little Italian too. She likes playing tennis, biking in the forest, and engaging in many different kinds of physical activity as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. An enthusiastic cook, she can also often be found in the kitchen preparing some nutritious dish and enjoys watching movies and playing the piano.

Thanks to her rich experience in serving clients from all over the world and an earnest desire to assist you to the best of her abilities, you can be confident you will always receive the best care from Martina.


‘I will act as your guide throughout the process of your treatment, making it as easy and smooth as possible. Above all else, I will always be here for you.’


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