Naďa Černá

International Client Coordinator

Naďa earned her Master‘s degree in English as a second language and has always been passionate about foreign languages and cultures. She spent her last year of high school in Alabama—finding it to be a real eye-opener—and, during university, lived and worked for a few months in Spain, where she fell completely for Spanish culture. After that, exploring South America seemed like the perfect adventure, and she soon moved to live and work in Ecuador.

Naďa has been lucky to hold jobs that allowed her to employ her love of people and aforementioned passion for languages and cultures. Apart from her travels in Europe and the Americas, Naďa’s previous position took her to parts of Asia—particularly Thailand and India. But, in the end, her journeys have always brought her back home to Prague.

Naďa loves spending time with her family and friends, and if that time is spent hiking in the mountains, skiing, or raking leaves in the garden, so much the better. Jogging in the park, a cup of good coffee, and a gripping book make her very happy.

Naďa is a warm, open-minded, people person, and she will do her very best to make you feel safe and comfortable.


Motto: Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind—always.


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