Richard Kvěch


Richard earned his Master of Science degree, in 2009, from the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, at the University of Economics in Prague. After two years working in the financial sector, a longing for the unknown and a desire to expand his horizons drove him to venture abroad. During his time away, Richard took up scuba diving and surfing. He has always felt a deep connection with the ocean—finding sanctuary amidst its waves and massive energy—so it was only natural that he should develop a love for these aquatic activities, both of which he continues to pursue to this day. Following a number of years in New Zealand and Asia, an opportunity presented itself, and Richard returned to Prague to join the Medical Travel team.

As coordinator, Richard aims to conduct himself with an aspect of calm supportiveness and caring, and he is always seeking to improve his knowledge of modern medicine, especially as it pertains to the procedures offered through Medical Travel.

Feel free to contact him. Richard is ready to assist you and happy to address any enquiries you might have.


“We do our best to answer all your questions and to connect you with the finest medical services in majestic Prague.”