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Olfactory Overhaul: A Very Brief Look at the History of Rhinoplasty

The history of rhinoplasty—perhaps better known as the “nose job”—stretches longer than one might think.

Reconstructive facial surgery, including that of the nose, is thought to have been practised in Egypt as early as 3000 B.C. In ancient India, a rhinoplasty was described by the ayurvedic physician Sushruta—whose technique was later discovered by the British and transplanted to Europe in the 18th Century.

And the timeline goes on—from the Roman Empire to Renaissance Italy, from 19th Century Germany to modern America, many a culture and country has made contribution to rhinoplastic procedure. The nose job boasts an impressive pedigree, and it would seem human beings have been concerned with the preservation and improvement of that prominent facial organ since the dawn of history.

Of course, the refined surgical technique of today is not that ruder form of yesteryear, and contemporary methods now enable surgeons to deliver consistent and aesthetically pleasing results as never before. But, as always, the quality of outcome correlates to the skill level of the hands performing the procedure. So, if you’re interested in undergoing rhinoplasty, make sure you find a good surgeon.

Where can such a one be found you ask? And at low cost? Why, the Czech Republic we say—of course.

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Faces Of Medical Travel - Profile of the Month: Petra Salai, International Client Coordinator

Performing, on average, 20 procedures per week since 2008, Dr. Payer is a highly experienced surgeon specialising in aesthetic surgery and surgery of the hand, in particular.

Graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava, he has honed his skills through work in various top clinics and through participation in an extensive number of congresses and workshops in many different countries.

A published author in his field, Dr. Payer has also participated in several long-term internships abroad and is a sought after subject-matter expert who lectures around the globe. He speaks English, German, French, and Spanish.

To learn more of Dr. Payer’s extensive CV, go here.

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For all its associations with celebrity and cosmetic enhancement, plastic surgery also plays a very important role in restoring and improving patients’ quality of life. In this month’s blog, Mr. Alex Carnegy takes a look at its nobler side.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month

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