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Gastric Balloon: a Modern Approach to a Modern Problem

Obesity, as we know it, may be counted a fairly recent phenomenon in human history. Although the term can be found in older literature, it was rarely seen before the 19th century, and its meaning today has taken on a new shape of sizable dimensions. In other words, obesity is a modern problem. And modern problems require modern approaches. Enter the gastric balloon.

Although diet and exercise are absolutely essential pieces to the fat-loss puzzle, the gastric balloon can give you a strong jump start to putting the puzzle together. The principle, itself, is straightforward: the stomach is partially filled by an inflated silicone balloon, placed there endoscopically, which limits the amount of food the stomach can accommodate; this, in turn, leads to a reduction in caloric intake and resultant weight loss. Importantly, the gastric balloon procedure is non-surgical, which means it is far less invasive than some of the alternatives, and the balloon’s presence is temporary, it being removed after a period of six months to a year.

If you’ve exhausted other avenues, and you’re still struggling to lose weight, the gastric balloon may be what you’ve been looking for, and the Czech Republic may be just the place to find it.

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Faces of Medical Travel: Profile of the Month, Dr. Anna Jungwirthová, Obesity Expert

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the esteemed Charles University of Prague and a licensed gastroenterologist, Dr. Jungwirthová has devoted herself to the study of her chosen field. She gained nearly a decade’s worth of experience at Vinohrady University Hospital, where she specialised in gastroenterology, and is the founder of St. Anna Clinic of Prague, which offers services in general medicine, gastroenterology, and proctology and where she has continued to operate for over 20 years. Dr. Jungwirthová believes in taking an individual and human approach to her patients, and she endeavours to make sure each is well-informed and at ease. A member of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK) and a fluent English speaker, she continues her education through various gastroenterological and bariatrics-specific congresses and courses.

Blog of the Month: ‘Setting the Bariatric Bar High: the European Standard’

Considering bariatric treatment abroad, but loath to have it done in a foreign land? In this month’s blog highlight, Medical Travel writer David explains why Europe boasts the gold standard in care when it comes to weight loss procedures.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month

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