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The Pivotal Element

The influence of the fertility lab over the outcome of IVF treatment is not to be underestimated. Although this is perhaps a factor easily overlooked simply because the technical workings of the lab are foreign to the average patient, it is nevertheless, in a sense, the laboratory where the real work of in vitro fertilisation takes place.

After the patient has played her part through self-administered fertility medications and undergoing egg retrieval, the next steps fall to the embryologists and technicians who undertake the rather delicate and essential processes of fertilisation and embryo culture, in preparation for transfer.

Because this work is fundamental to IVF treatment, the proficiency of those embryologists and technicians and the state of the facility in which they work are of paramount importance. Ergo, it makes good sense to ensure both are sterling when deciding upon a clinic.

Our partner fertility clinic, Gynem, boasts a team of embryologists who, through working together for a long period, have attained an exceptional level of both skill and efficiency. The lab itself is state of the art and fully outfitted with all the resources necessary to help optimise your results.

In order to make our partner’s lab services more accessible and to improve the odds of success for our clients, we are now offering an Optimised Laboratory Package, with significant savings and expanded treatment options transferred to you. Contact us today to learn more. We believe the Package can play a primary role in helping you reach your goals.

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Faces of Medical Travel: Profile of the Month, Dr. Luboš Vlček, IVF Specialist

Born in 1983, Dr. Vlček graduated from Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in 2008. Since that time, he has acquired significant professional experience, working at several high-calibre clinics, participating in long-term internships abroad, and attending multiple workshops and congresses.

Dr. Vlček regards effective team work within a unit of well-trained doctors and nurses as essential to success for both patient and clinic and strives to help foster just such an aspect within his own team. Fluent in English and German, he is a positive, communicative, and reliable professional whose personal hobbies include cycling, swimming, running and scuba diving.

Blog of the Month: ‘Which Way to Choose: Selecting an IVF Clinic’

Pursuing IVF treatment abroad, but not sure how to reliably select the right provider? Mr. Alex Carnegy offers up three governing factors to help you choose in this month’s blog highlight.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month

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