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Modern Solutions to an Age-old Problem

Depending on their stage of development, varicose veins can be a mild nuisance or they can be a serious health concern. What’s more, they are a condition the historical record suggests has been with us since the dawn of our species. But, despite the long history and sundry attempts at finding a solution through the ages, effective and reliable modes of treatment are a relatively new arrival on the scene.

Prevention is, of course, always the best medicine, but, in this sedentary age, some of the prime ingredients that lead to varicose veins are all too well in place—general inactivity and prolonged standing and sitting; these are the hallmarks of modern living. And for many of us, our jobs are the principal culprits, making pre-emption a rather tricky proposition.

So, if the time for prevention has passed, if varicose veins have reared their ugly head and you now seek remedy, apart from more natural and conservative avenues, decisive medical intervention may be a foregone conclusion. In light of this, it makes sense, if at all possible, to seek out a treatment that is at once highly effective and pain-free, with minimal downtime and post-procedural maintenance. Now, there are several such options from which the prospective patient may choose, but some do satisfy the above criteria more fully than others.

Consultations with vascular surgeons and phlebologists have led us to feature just two select forms of varicose veins treatment in our portfolio. These, we reckon, offer excellent return on time invested and remarkably low levels of discomfort. You can find out more about the procedures in question and what they can do for you by going here.

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Faces of Medical Travel: Profile of the Month

A graduate of the Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Dr. Vyšohlíd is the expert responsible for carrying out varicose vein treatments for our clients. Specialising in phlebology and aesthetic vascular surgery, he amassed his considerable experience working in a number of prominent Czech medical facilities and participating in several long-term internships, in addition to continually expanding his subject knowledge through workshops and congresses. Dr. Vyšohlíd also lectures on the subjects of vascular surgery and phlebology and is a member of the Czech Medical Association (ČLS JEP), the Czech Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (ČSKVCH), and the European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS). He is conversant in both English and German.

Blog of the Month: ‘VenaSeal™: a Closer Look’

If you visit the above link, you will learn that one of the treatment options we offer is VenaSeal™, a relatively new and innovative technique that, we feel, encapsulates the better aspects of the modern approach. Dig in a little deeper and learn more about it in this month’s blog highlight.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month

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