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The Czech Republic: a Top Medical Tourism Destination for Europeans

A preponderance of Britons, Russians, Austrians, and Germans makes up the great numbers of foreigners now flocking to the Czech Republic for medical treatment. Of these, the majority come for cosmetic procedures—one Prague-based polyclinic, alone, reported that 95 percent of its plastic surgery patients are from out-of-country.

But, although cosmetic procedures are perhaps the most popular type of treatment with foreigners, bariatric surgery, gynaecological treatment, and, especially, fertility assistance are much in demand, as well. In fact, the Czech Republic ranks in the top five IVF treatment destinations for Britons, and, along with one other country on that list, comes in as the most affordable of the lot. Add cutting-edge stem cell therapy to the menu, and it is clear to see why the country has become a hub of medical tourism.

In recent years, Czech clinics have seen a huge increase in the inflow of foreign patients, with the number of clients coming from abroad steadily increasing by 10 to 15 percent every year, according to the Ministry of Health. The result? A flourishing industry that only appears to be getting bigger and better.

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The Shape of Things to Come: Breast Implants

There are two basic shapes of breast implant—round and teardrop—and, if you’ve going to have one of the two put in your body, it pays to know the difference.

Round implants are just that: round. This helps create a reliable symmetry and, although not anatomically shaped, if correct for the patient’s body, this style of implant can result in a natural look. Round implants tend to add volume to the upper pole of the breast and are softer than their counterpart.

The teardrop implant is considered anatomical, as its shape more closely matches that of the natural breast. However, it is somewhat firm to the touch, which can make for a less natural feel, but the silicone used in its production tends to make it more durable than the round variety and less likely to rupture. Because of the higher quality materials, teardrop implants are more expensive, and due to their shape, there is a small risk of rotation, which can lead to poor symmetry. They tend to add volume to the lower pole of the breast.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation, we will be happy discuss the above details and more with you to help you decide on the best implant shape for your body and goals.

Blog of the Month: ‘The Quick Fix Myth: How to Take Care of Yourself After Plastic Surgery’

Just had plastic surgery and ready to jump back into work and exercise or think there’s nothing else to be done? Think again. There are a number of things you should consider following your surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. Mr. Alex Carnegy explains.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month
Chris, UK, Plastic Surgery, November 2018

‘Thank you for all of your help; if we choose to have any further surgery, we would not hesitate to use Medical Travel again.

Everything was so simple and streamlined, the communication from yourself was impeccable, everything happened as we were advised it would in the same time scale as said. For two ladies that usually travel with husbands this was a big thing for us; at no time did we have any concerns, as everything was explained to us. Many thanks for putting us at ease and making this happen.’

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