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Not All Are Equal

In our last newsletter instalment, as part of our ongoing overview of auxiliary IVF lab techniques, we looked at intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI. In this issue, we continue that review with IMSI—intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection.

Like ICSI, IMSI is a method of sperm selection and may be viewed as a more highly-developed form of ICSI. But, whereas the conventional microscope used in ICSI features a magnification of 400x, that used in IMSI boasts a potential magnification of up to 6600x.

This significant boost in magnifying power allows structures within the head of sperm, known as vacuoles, to be revealed—structures that would otherwise goes unseen. And this is important, because vacuoles have shown themselves to be indicators of nuclear and/or DNA damage. As such, sperm bearing vacuoles are compromised in their capacity for fertilisation, and their use can lead to abnormal embryonic development, failed implantation, and miscarriage.

IMSI helps circumvent these issues by enabling embryologists to reject sperm with larger or more abundant vacuoles and to preferentially-select those with smaller or fewer such structures. This, in turn, helps to ensure successful implantation and sound embryonic development, which bodes well for pregnancy.

IMSI is but one tool in an extensive kit our embryologists utilise to help you get pregnant. Contact us today to learn more.

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Faces of Medical Travel: Profile of the Month

Zita is in currently earning her PhD in Ibero-American studies. Though a Czech native and resident of Prague, she has, at various times, made her home in Spain, the USA, and—her favourite place—Mexico.

Zita has worked as a receptionist, language teacher, and client service representative. In addition to Medical Travel and her university studies, she is passionate about singing karaoke, dancing, watching movies, reading novels, and travelling.

‘As wise Mexican people say, “Mi casa es tu casa”—my house is your house. It brings me great pleasure to help visitors to Prague feel at home and enjoy the opportunities this wonderful city has to offer.’

Want to see and hear Zita or contact her directly? Have a look and listen.

Blog of the Month: ‘De-stress for IVF’

IVF and egg donation are very much rooted in the tradition of Western medicine, but that doesn’t mean we should eschew Eastern methods entirely. In this month’s blog highlight, Cherie explains some of the advantages acupuncture may afford the couple trying to conceive.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month
Rebecca, Spain, IVF/Egg Donation, September 2018

‘I am 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant now and we are having a little boy. Thank you again for everything you have done for us. One of our consultants in the UK has taken your clinics details from us as we told them how good you were so she can recommend you to her other patients.

Gynem clinic review.

We were incredibly impressed with the Gynem clinic and its services. We felt fully informed and very well looked after during our experience. The information given to us was very clear and easy to understand. The clinic itself is very clean and well-presented and the staff and doctors were very kind and attentive. Our experience was very positive and we would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to others and may indeed use their services again should we decide to have a second baby.

Medical travel services.

Our experience with Medical Travel’s services was very positive. They arranged our accommodation and even collected us from the airport, which took so much pressure away from us. All we needed to do was fly to Prague and relax and enjoy the journey. The apartment was very handy for getting to the clinic and for the local shop and transport services. It was very clean and comfortable and made our stay really comfortable. We will certainly use their services again should the event arise.’


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