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High Technology

If you’ve been following along with us, you may recall last time we discussed the pivotal role of technology in IVF. In past instalments, we’ve also looked at several lab techniques that fall under that category. Time for another.

Under normal conditions, an embryo will hatch from its shell—the zona pellucida—before implanting in the uterine wall. But this process doesn’t always play out as it should, and sometimes the embryo needs a little help.

Enter laser assisted hatching—or LAH for short. Using a precision laser to safely remove the zona pellucida, it is a remarkably simple procedure with the potential to segue a history of failed attempts into success.

LAH is just one of many techniques our partner clinic can use to help you get pregnant. Learn more.

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Room in the Inn

We’ve got a few lodging options we can recommend for your stay in Prague. The first on the list is a 3-bedroom holiday home with all the trappings: living room, cable TV, Wi-Fi, fully-equipped kitchen, and even a garden terrace. Although not the closest to the city centre of the lot, it has the distinct advantage of being only 15 minutes by foot from our clinic. Oh, and the Prague Zoo, one of the best in world, is just a short trip away. More on lodging.

Blog of the Month: ‘The Boom Continues’

It’s a compelling question and a highly relevant one when pursuing treatment abroad. So, which country is it? Here are some thoughts.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month
Larissa, UK, February 2019

‘The services of Medical Travel and Gynem were very professional, but also personal and warm. We’ve been so happy with our coordinator, Hana Kawakami, who has been so supportive through this. We’ve been through three transfers, and I’m now 5 weeks pregnant after my third.’


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Words to Take With You

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’

Alan Kay

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