June 2019

Which country offers the best IVF?

It is well known today that reasons for travelling abroad extend well beyond work and leisure. One of the largest travel industries is the medical travel industry, which involves clinics all over the world who market to customers overseas. Overwhelmingly the number of people travelling are Westerners from the UK or USA. The reasons vary, but a common one is that treatment is simply too expensive where they are. The UK, for example, it is very difficult to secure NHS funding for IVF treatment, and private procedures require years of saving. IVF is one of the most popular reasons for travelling, and unexpected countries are coming up on the map because of it.



A great number of customers have recently travelled to Denmark for assisted reproduction. What makes Denmark so attractive? One thing is for sure, its not the price. As one of the most expensive countries in Europe due to its high living standard, people are going there for other reasons. An estimated maximum of 10 percent of Danish babies are born through IVF, and it is seen as a normal thing to follow the procedure. The liberal legislation around the treatment has allowed for innovative clinics to spring up, offering a warm and non-judgemental environment for clients, who in some cases are 90 percent foreigners.

Believe it or not reproduction travel holiday makers have also found their way to Turkey, one of the most popular destinations today for abroad IVF procedures. The prices differ, often more affordable than Europe, but one of the most attractive reasons for going there is the short waiting time. In the UK one might wait years for treatment only for it to be unsuccessful – in Turkey it can be done almost on demand. Last year, more than 34,000 people went there for treatment.



Prague in the Czech Republic must also be taken note of. Prague is well noted for its IVF and reproduction clinics that are attracting many tourists the world over. Not only are they often cheaper than other popular locations in Europe, such as Spain or Cypress, but they are reported to be likeable and effective. Egg donors are in no short supply, and many clinics have a special selection process that ensures the conceiving family will be happy with the donor. Prague also happens to be a huge tourist destination regardless, with thousands coming to visit the old and storied city throughout the year.

As you can see people travel for IVF due to a number of reasons, be it donor quality, clinic experience or affordable price. Some have criticised locations such as Mexico, India and elsewhere for having unreliable, unsafe clinics, and many regard travel tourism as unsafe due to shock stories published in tabloids. One must always do their research and check the reputation of their chosen clinic well, and look for places with transparency in customer experience. Whatever your destination, be sure to find others who have used the clinic and reviewed it before making your decision.