November 2016

Explaining the “Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction”

Abdominoplasty is the professional name given to the treatment that has come to be known more simply as the “Tummy Tuck”. The procedure involves an operation that removes the excess fat tissues and skin folds in the abdominal area where the abdominal wall is tightened. This article will look to address various issues related to the procedure, with a particular emphasis on the two different operations available, Liposuction and the Tummy Tuck.



Typically, Liposuction is more suited towards younger patients whose main problem is the issue of excess fat. Patients have what might be termed as a “Pot Belly” where there is excess fat. Liposuction can remove this fat through making small incisions. These tiny wounds are then closed and the patient must wear a pressure garment for a few weeks. There will then be a degree of shrinkage in the skin as well as tightening which will ultimately lead to a loss of fat.

In terms of the Tummy Tuck, there are two main procedures in this area: The mini Tummy Tuck and the Classic Tummy Tuck. The mini Tummy Tuck is usually performed on older patients who may have previously been pregnant and who have a slight excess of fat and skin below the belly-button area. The procedure itself involves cutting a wedge of skin and fat from the lower tummy, which leaves a scar similar to that of a Caesarean Section. Liposuction is then performed on the upper tummy and waist which then leads to the tightening of the muscles below the belly-button. This leads to a much more attractive and appealing appearance around the belly-button area as it is stretched and becomes more elongated.

The other type of Tummy Tuck is known as the “Classic Tummy Tuck” and is reserved normally for those patients with a bigger degree of slack or excess skin, or those that have excess fat and have had a splaying of the muscles. The procedure involves incisions made from one hip to the other, then around the belly-button area. A large wedge of skin is excised from the area just above the pubic hair area. Although the Classic Tummy Tuck leaves the biggest scar, it nonetheless provides the most significant improvements in terms of shape.



The above descriptions provide a basic outline of one of the most popular and prominent plastic surgery operations on the market. It is one of the best weight loss procedures available to patients and is also one of the safest operations available in the area of Plastic Surgery.