January 2018

Which Country Does the Best Tummy Tuck?

There are a whole host of plastic surgery procedures on offer today, from eyelid surgery, breast implant and fat transfer to many more. Another aspect has been added into choosing the procedure, however, thanks to the popularity of medical tourism and plastic surgery holiday packages. With so many things to think about, how can it be possible to make the right decision? Who does it best, and where should you go to get it done? In this article we may not tackle all the issues, but we have a look at the results for one of the most popular procedures around – the tummy tuck.


The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty has become a highly requested procedure and all major surgeries offer this process as a basic surgery. It involves removing fat or excess skin from the stomach to make it firmer or more smooth, and is often chosen by people who have suffered weight issues or are older in age. Because it is so popular, it is no wonder that prices for the procedure has become very competitive and that many different countries now compete to offer the best options for it. So where to start?


Customers who have gone to India have reported that the procedure went well, and that they found the service to be very good. Statements also read that the follow up was easy and that it was not hard to relax post-surgery in the country. Other customers have gone to the Dominican republic on plastic surgery holiday packages or for medical tourism, and a quick look online shows that there are many questions about whether procedures can be covered by medical insurance. Apart from this reports are favourable for the area.



Going even further on the map, Thailand also offers a host of procedures. It is possible to see that many customers note the complexity of booking such a thing, and that costs should be decided beforehand to avoid any confusion. Looking across at all the reviews and experience reports it seems clear that you should do your research – keep a checklist for doctor, surgery and resort – and see if you can book a package for all three if possible.


Europe is another option – Prague has become a popular destination for medical tourism and medical tourism holiday packages, as it is close to the West and still offers competitive prices for procedures like tummy tuck. For now, I hope this comparison has been hopeful and wish you good luck in deciding your journey.