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A Tale of Two Options

Since its inception in the early 1980s, egg donation has provided legions of couples who could not otherwise conceive with children of their own. Now, with the explosion of medical tourism and the friendlier pricing that it can bring, the technique has become even more accessible to a broader range of people. Even so, for others, egg donation remains, financially, just beyond their grasp, effectively depriving them of the opportunity to try for a child.

In an effort to help offset this disparity and make egg donation more affordable, we offer an economically-priced alternative, what we term the ‘Basic Package.’ But don’t be fooled by the name; it contains all the necessaries to give you an excellent chance at success, including donor selection and testing, sperm collection and semen analysis, fertilisation via ICSI, prolonged embryo cultivation up to the blastocyst stage, and more—enough more, in fact, that we haven’t space to list them all here.

Plus, we guarantee at least one healthy blastocyst-stage embryo for transfer or else provide a new donor at no extra charge. Moreover, if your first and second fresh cycles do not bear fruit, we offer a third at a 30% discount in the form of a shared cycle.

So if you’ve been thinking you lack the outlay required for quality egg donation, it may be time to reconsider. Contact us to find out. We can clarify any questions you may have and flesh out more details about just what the Basic Package includes.

Of course, we also offer the ‘Comfort Package,’ which contains everything found in the Basic, along with a number of noteworthy additions. We can enumerate those, too, when you contact us. Who knows? Perhaps even the enhanced package is closer to hand than you think.

If you're interested in our services and keen to save
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Trimming the Fat: Body Contouring with Liposuction

In our last two issues, we dealt a bit with bariatrics and the struggle against obesity. But even those who don’t contend with such extremes may yet have stubborn fat deposits they wish to banish. Presupposing exercise and diet are in place, liposuction can help accomplish this, and, for those with good skin elasticity who are within 30% of their ideal BMI, this little ‘touch-up’ may have its place. Although there are several variants and target areas, in the main, the procedure entails the localised removal of fat by means of suction through a cannula inserted under the skin. As with any other procedure, there are risks. Learn more.

Blog of the Month: `Let’s Get Cracking`

Egg donation is a relatively young science, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a story. Read about its origins and advancements leading up to today. It shan’t take long—it is, after all, a history in brief.

Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month
Elaine, UK, Embryo Donation, January 2019

‘I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gynem for anyone thinking of pursuing fertility treatment abroad. I wish I done it far sooner instead of having so many failed attempts in the UK. Finally, after being abruptly told by my consultant at home that I should give up and I was now too old we decided to look into embryo donation abroad. All the clinics in Prague seemed to have good reviews so I chose Gynem based on price and then randomly a friend mentioned the clinic to me, so I took that as a good sign!

Initially, I thought the logistics of travelling abroad would be too much, but the staff were so helpful. In fact, I travelled alone for my first treatment with Power of Attorney consent from my husband which meant he was able to stay home and look after our daughter from our only successful ICSI treatment at home.

During my first treatment at Gynem I dealt with Martina initially and then Janina. Both women went above and beyond what I expected in terms of customer service. Martina even travelled to my hotel to leave medication for me on arrival as my flight from the UK had been cancelled and I was a day late arriving in Prague. Janina arranged airport transfers for me and then a taxi the next day to take me to and from the clinic as I chose to stay at a hotel near the old town rather than near the clinic. Even though going through fertility treatment can be stressful I enjoyed my time in Prague, it is a lovely city.

Although my first embryo donation was unsuccessful I had no hesitation in returning to Gynem for another attempt. The cost of two attempts at Gynem was still cheaper that one attempt in the UK. I liked that there are no hidden costs, you know exactly what you will be paying.

Following a Skype review with the doctor, he suggested I get immunology testing at another clinic in Prague before embarking on another cycle to rule out any issues that might prevent the cycle working. This was never suggested to me in the UK. Janina liaised with the immunology clinic to set up the appointment for me. The testing came back fine, and I think this reassured me for my second attempt knowing that there was no underlying reason why it shouldn’t work. I was also pleased to know that Gynem weren’t just going to take more money from us without checking for underlying problems.

Janina kept in touch with me throughout the whole process and I knew that if I had any questions I could drop her an email and she would get back to me. She was able to courier over medication for me so that I didn’t have any hassle with prescriptions over here.

My second embryo donation was successful, and I am now 29 weeks pregnant with a little boy! After 9 years of trying in the UK I never thought we’d be lucky enough to add to our family.

I have already recommended Gynem to another couple and told them to ask for Janina.’


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