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Modern Solutions to an Age-old Problem

As we’ve stated in the past, the role of the laboratory in successful IVF treatment should not be underestimated. For it is here where the critical processes of fertilisation and embryo culture take place. As such, it makes good sense to ensure lab specialists have every advantage on their side.

To this end, an array of supplementary lab techniques is available to embryologists to augment standard IVF protocols and improve the likelihood of a favourable outcome. We intend to briefly cover some of these techniques in this and future newsletters. Today, we look at EmbryoScope®.

Following fertilisation, in conventional culture, an embryo is typically removed once a day from the incubator for about one minute to assess its development. This results in unwelcome changes in culture conditions that can be detrimental to embryo quality.

The EmbryoScope® system overcomes this problem through time-lapse photography, which enables embryologists to closely monitor embryo development and quality without direct handling. It does this by capturing images of each embryo, from multiple angles and at regular, frequent intervals to create an accurate and detailed picture of its developmental history.

This information enables embryologists to select the very best embryo for transfer and undisturbed culture means better embryo quality all around. Together, they take you one step closer to pregnancy.

To learn more about EmbryoScope®, contact us today.

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Faces of Medical Travel: Profile of the Month

Martina works with children as a German and English teacher and as a tennis trainer. She enjoys watching films, but her passion is for sport of all kinds, and she spends most of her free time playing tennis, jogging, and inline skating to keep healthy and fit.

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