Alison, UK

Weight loss procedures
July 2019

I am good thank you. I have lost 2 stones now, I am much better.  The initial 3 weeks was quite tough for me and I wasn’t really able to keep anything down at all including fluids. I went to my doctor and he prescribed stronger anti sickness tablets which i took for 3 days then i was completely fine. 

I am planning to get an increase around end of sept or October. I will let you know. 

I had an overall good experience with Medical Travel, I found that from the initial first email i sent i got very quick responses and they were very helpful. Jessica the rep i was put in touch with was very nice and helpful and always able to answer any questions that i had. 

What i liked was that you were able to arrange everything for me so i was able just to book the flights and turn up for the operation.  I was also advised on hotels, so it was really easy to organise.

I don’t think there was anything more that could be done to make things easier, the company was overall very helpful. Thank you.