Annemarie, UK

Weight loss procedures
October 2019

Lovely to hear from you! It's been a week since I got back from Prague - it's been pretty rough but I feel 100% now.  Sickness has stopped!

I just wanted to say a big Thank You to you for all your help and assistance over the last couple of months and for all your help in Prague and at the Clinic.  It certainly did make the whole process so much easier.  So a massive thank you from me to you.  I hope to be in touch next year when I come back for the adjustment.

What did you like about having us around and working with us?

Ease of translation in the clinic and hints and tips from Jessica where really useful.

Is there anything that you really loved? 

I loved how clean and pleasant the clinic was and how helpful and courteous all the staff were.  St Ana is really easy to get to as well and is not too far to travel from the City.

Is there anything that you would change and how? 

Only thing, with the long wait for blood results, maybe an English channel on the TV in the room!

Is there anything that would make your stay even more pleasant or a easier? 

Nothing that I can think of!