James, UK

Weight loss procedures
August 2018

A real pleasure to meet you, to undergo the surgery and sadly, only see the city of Prague for one evening.  You put a lot of work into ensuring that the whole process went smoothly.

This is a quick run through the process and if I think of anything else, I will add it at a later date.  I would like also to extend my thanks to the liaison man at the clinic who explained everything to me and went through my discharge letter and explained the plans over the next few months.  I would also like to have thanked the nurse with the bright ginger hair who was very considerate and helpful whilst I was being sick. Such a charming lady.

Unfortunately, upon arrival home I contracted the Norovirus (big epidemic of the virus at the moment) so I was additionally unwell but, 6 days later, I am quite well and the gastric balloon is causing little trouble.


Website – good, easy to navigate. Improvements – perhaps downloadable post-operative information on diets, discomfort and general information.

Flights – best I could manage within the timescale

Hotel – actually quite nice and very helpful. Shame I could not have spent longer in the city

Prague – what a delightful city

Clinic – very efficient, super staff

Surgery – very efficient although I did wake up during the procedure but they very quickly rectified that. Can’t believe it was so quick.

Room – very good. Recommendations. The little sick tray would not hold more than a cupful.  Given the amount of my stomach contents that I bought up, I would suggest a bigger container.

Medication – although outlined in the discharge notes, the medication is in Czech so if I lose my discharge notes, I have no idea what the medication means.  Again, something that may help if the details were on your website.

Discharge to home – booking a taxi was most helpful and 720k not too bad.  Sadly I had to walk past all the chocolate and sweets in the duty free !!


Overall, I wish I could have spent more time in Prague and I will definitely stay longer when I have the balloon removed.  Too nice a place not to enjoy.