Lucy, UK

Weight loss procedures
September 2018

From making an enquiry with medical travel through to procedure being carried out I found the whole process very seamless and my co-ordinator Hana very informative and always on hand to offer some friendly advice, even with directions.

The clinic really was spotlessly clean and my private room lovely and comfortable. Everything was explained to me in really good English and the nurses were friendly and professional in carrying out all necessary medical checks prior to the procedure.

The procedure itself went very smooth and was over in just a few minutes with a little recovery overnight at the clinic where I was checked on regularly and monitored. The clinic made sure that I was not discharged until they were 100% happy with my progress.

Even after the gastric balloon procedure my co-ordinator checked in and offered some really good advice on some minor heartburn I suffered, which is a common short term side effect.

I am now two weeks on from having the procedure and doing really well, eating small liquid/soft meals and have lost 8lb in 2 weeks which is great result especially as I suffer from PCOS and struggled to loose just a few pounds with diet and exercise.

If I knew it was this easy I would have done it years ago, I now look forward to a healthier future and would definitely recommend medical travel for their expert knowledge and friendly approach.