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Fast and Flexible Assistance.

Fast and Flexible Assistance.

Fast and Flexible Assistance.

We understand journeying to a foreign land can be a daunting experience—even more so if that journey is made for medical care. To help give you confidence and make you feel as comfortable as possible when you come to the Czech Republic, we assign you a personal coordinator who not only arranges your treatment but helps with the practical details of getting to Prague and around it once you’re here.

Your coordinator can aid you in booking a convenient flight and finding a comfortable, affordable place to stay from our list of recommended lodgings. She will likewise arrange for your transfer from the airport to your accommodation and a taxi for your first trip to the clinic.

Importantly, your coordinator will personally accompany you for your initial visit to the clinic, where she will introduce you to your treatment providers, help with signing in, assist during the consultation process as needed, and generally make sure you are settled in.

Should you opt for a spot of touring during your stay (and what better place to do it than Prague), your coordinator can provide you with authentic, first-hand advice on what to see, where to go, and what to do once you get there, with recommended day trips to some of the best destinations that Prague has to offer.

But the services of your personal coordinator do not end there. She will remain accessible by phone or email to address any queries you may have, offer guidance, and generally lend a helping hand any way she can—before your arrival, during your stay, and even after you return home. Think of her (or him as the case may be) as a helpful and friendly ally on your medical tourism journey.

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