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Save up to 70% on medical costs.

Save up to 70% on medical costs.

Save up to 70% on medical costs.

We’re based in Prague, Czech Republic—right in the centre of Europe—which makes us highly accessible if you’re coming from other parts of the continent, Britain, or Ireland. There are flights departing daily for Prague from most major airports, many of them direct.

Ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, Prague is already a tourist hotspot, drawing tens of millions of visitors each year and with good reason. The ‘Mother of Cities’ is renowned for its architecture, culture, and history, and you will find no shortage of things to do here.

Compared to other major European cities, Prague is remarkably affordable. This is true of food and accommodation, and we can help you with both. We know where to find the best prices and even have a list of suggested lodging options to help you get the best deal on a place to stay.

This affordability extends to quality medical care as well. The clinics we collaborate with offer services and facilities on par with some of the best in the world—but without the hefty price tag. So we give you both economy and high-calibre care without compromising on either. What’s more, because our prices are fixed, there are no hidden costs. Nor will there be any surprises on your final bill.

We connect you with treatment in a broad range of categories. These include weight loss procedures, plastic surgery (with numerous clinics in Prague), and assisted reproductive technology (ART)—which we proudly offer through our respected business associate Gynem Fertility Clinic.

To ensure clear communication, our partner clinics employ English and German speakers at every level, from reception and nursing staff to the doctors themselves. And as for our agency, our coordinators are conversant in English, German, French, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, and Russian, so the language barrier should scarcely be an issue.

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